Home Politics Maduro calls on the new U.S. government to stop “demonizing” Venezuela.
Venezuela's president reshuffles his cabinet to appoint a new foreign minister

Maduro calls on the new U.S. government to stop “demonizing” Venezuela.

by YCPress

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the new President of the United States, Joseph Biden, on the 20th to re-examine the relationship between the United States and Venezuela and stop the former Donald Trump administration’s “demonization” Venezuela.

In his national television speech on the same day, Maduro called on the new U.S. government to “turn over the chapter of lies” and stop stigmatizing Venezuela and its “Bolivarian Revolution” and himself.

Maduro calls on Biden administration to ‘re-examine’ Trump administration’s “cruel legacy” in US-Vent relations, hopes to establish a new relationship with the Biden administration “on the basis of respect for national sovereignty” and calls on the Venezuelan parliament to act from the legislative level to “open” a “new relationship” between Venezuela and the United States .”

Anthony Blinkin, Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State, said on the 19th that the new U.S. government will still recognize Juan Guaidó, an important opposition figure, as the “Venezuela leader”.

Biden called on social media last July for a “free and fair” election in Venezuela.

Three sources who declined to be named told Bloomberg last December that the Biden administration intends to demand that Venezuela hold “free and fair” elections conditional on the relaxation or removal of some sanctions.