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London pandemic prevention control is about to be upgraded, and fans’ entry is suspended again.

by YCPress

London, December 14 The British government decided on the 14th to raise the level of coronavirus prevention and control in London, which means that fans of Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and other Premier League teams will temporarily resume watching the game for a few days from the 16th.

England’s second full lockdown, which lasted for a month in response to the rebound of the coronavirus epidemic, just ended on the 2nd of this month. After changing to graded pandemic prevention, London was originally classified as level 2, and local sports events could allow up to 2,000 spectators. However, within a few days of a small number of fans revisiting the days of watching the game, the growing severity of the epidemic in London forced the British government to make adjustments.

From the 16th, London will officially enter the third level that means that the epidemic is “very high” alert. Bars, restaurants, etc. will be closed unless only take-out and other services are provided; theaters, cinemas, etc. must be closed; sports events will also resume closed doors.

Since the beginning of the hierarchical epidemic prevention on the 2nd, only 10 of the 20 Premier League teams have been able to welcome the audience. For example, Manchester’s two top two have been playing behind closed doors.

Now London, which has six Premier League teams, will face another regulatory upgrade, which means that only four fans still retain hope of entering the game.

In the 13th round of the Premier League on the 15th-17th, only Liverpool will play against Tottenham Hotspur at home. In addition to the “Red Army”, the only ones who are qualified to welcome the audience are Everton, Brighton and Southampton in the same city.

The British government will analyze the hierarchical control situation on the 23rd to decide whether to make adjustments.