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China Foreign Ministry Spokesman-Resolutely opposes the malicious provocation of water resources cooperation

by YCPress

Staff Report, Beijing, December 14 (Reporter Wang Xiaobo) Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the 14th that China welcomes foreign countries to put forward constructive opinions on the development and utilization of water resources in Lanyu countries, but firmly opposes malicious provocation.

A reporter asked: The “Rigong River Dam Surveillance” project funded by the U.S. State Department was launched on the 14th. The project plans to monitor the water level of China’s dams in the Lancang River Basin through satellites and disclose relevant information. May I ask what China’s comments on this project?

Wang Wenbin said that in recent years, China and the countries of the RI Gonghe River have made many real progress in eliminating the interference of external noise and continuously promoting the cooperation of Lanyu water resources.

First, information sharing cooperation is deepening. Since last month, China has been providing year-round hydrological information of the Lancang River to the countries of the Ganghe River, and the information sharing platform for Lancang River water resources cooperation has also been opened and operated recently. Lanqi six countries also timely informed the major dispatch of hydropower stations and shared relevant data through the mechanism of the joint working group on water resources cooperation. The transparency of information in the field of water resources cooperation in Lanqi has been continuously improved.

Second, the upstream hydropower station gives full play to the role of “adjusting up for abundance and nourishing withering”. Since the completion of the Lancangjiang Hydropower Station, the situation of large fluctuations of downflow has been effectively avoided through “flood storage in the rainy season and discharge during the dry season”.

During the drought in the basin in 2016 and 2019, China did its best to ensure the reasonable discharge of the Lancang River, and carried out emergency water replenishment in response to the urgent needs downstream, which was unanimously affirmed by Lanqi countries.

The international scientific community and the Commission believe that the Lancang River cascade power station helps to maintain the stable flow of the Gradu River, which is beneficial to flood control and drought relief in the countries along the River.

Third, Lanqi water resources cooperation continues to achieve substantial results. Since the launch of the Lanqi Cooperation, China has helped Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to compile comprehensive river basin planning and irrigation plans; actively assist the downstream to formulate flood control and disaster reduction plans; to transport Lancang River hydropower energy to Myanmar, Laos and other downstream countries; help downstream countries to train water conservancy talents and carry out water conservancy and hydropower development to promote water resources. The sustainable use of the people of the coastal countries has made a real contribution.

“The above facts fully reflect the achievements of water resources cooperation among Lanqi countries. China welcomes the constructive opinions put forward by foreign countries on the development and utilization of water resources in Lanyu countries, but we firmly oppose malicious provocation. Wang Wenbin said that facts speak louder than words.

China will unswervingly promote Lanqi water resources cooperation and make greater contributions to the joint response of the six countries to drought and flood disasters and the promotion of sustainable development.