Home Business “Late” but not “absent” What message does the “very” China-ASEAN Expo convey?
"Late" but not "absent" What message does the "very" China-ASEAN Expo convey?

“Late” but not “absent” What message does the “very” China-ASEAN Expo convey?

by YCPress

The global epidemic and the economic downturn have not disappeared. In an extraordinary period, the 17th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) was “late” two months later and was held on November 27-30.

Data map: Guangxi Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, an exhibitor took a photo in the ASEAN Pavilion. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Jing

Following the Beijing Service Trade Fair and the Shanghai International Import Expo, China once again held a major international exhibition. What message does the China Eastern Expo convey?

“Extraordinary” CAEXPO calls for strengthening cooperation

Despite the impact of the epidemic, this year’s China-ASEAN Expo still adheres to the concept of high-standard and new format. For the first time, it adopts the form of “online + offline”. The “Eastern Cloud Expo” has exhibition, negotiation, marketing, etc. The physical exhibition area is 100,000 square meters and the total number of booths is 5,400.

As an important platform and channel for China and ASEAN to promote trade, investment, and high-level communication and dialogue, the China-ASEAN Expo has high hopes from all parties in terms of promoting anti-epidemic cooperation and promoting regional economic recovery after the epidemic.

Huang Yurong, Consul General of Vietnam in Nanning, told China News Agency, “We urgently need face-to-face communication to solve problems.”

“Holding the China-ASEAN Expo in a period of increasing uncertainty has highlighted the importance of the conference. The Expo reminds us of the importance of close cooperation.” ASEAN Secretary-General Lin Yuhui said that the China-ASEAN partnership has been tested for a long time. Faced with the threat of the epidemic and many uncertainties, ASEAN and China have worked together to demonstrate a spirit of solidarity. After getting out of the predicament of the epidemic, ASEAN’s determination to cooperate with China has been strengthened.

“Improve economic and trade cooperation, accelerate the overall recovery of the regional economy; enhance anti-epidemic cooperation, and strengthen public health capacity building.” It became the common voice of senior officials, business, and academics from all countries at the Expo.

“Late” China-ASEAN Expo has stronger cohesion

Although affected by the epidemic, the enthusiasm of companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition and exhibitors is not diminished. A group of Fortune 500 companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and Bank of China have come to participate. The number of booths in ASEAN countries reached more than 570. There are 229 booths in the “Belt and Road” international exhibition area, covering 22 countries including Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and India.

“We hope that through the China-ASEAN Expo, more ASEAN SMEs will be encouraged to participate in the exhibition and explore the Chinese market, so as to help the ASEAN regional economic recovery.” Lin Yuhui said.

Pacific Construction Group, a Fortune 500 company that has joined hands with the China-ASEAN Expo for the third time, has established its ASEAN headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and realized localized operations in some ASEAN countries with the help of the bridge role of the China-ASEAN Expo platform. Yan Hao, chairman of the group’s board of directors, said that the China-ASEAN Expo will build a platform for companies to communicate with ASEAN countries and allow Chinese companies to gain more visibility into ASEAN governments and companies.

In the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, Chinese leaders proposed at the opening meeting that they will create more innovations with ASEAN in areas such as smart cities, 5G, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, big data, blockchain, and telemedicine. The cooperation highlights of the two sides have cultivated more new momentum for the economic and social development of both sides, and have won the resonance of leaders of ASEAN countries and other political and business figures.

CAEXPO will not “absent” regional economic recovery

The CAEXPO will promote regional economic development, and the sound development of China-ASEAN regional economy will surely promote the recovery of the global economy.

Xu Ningning, executive chairman of the China-ASEAN Business Council, participated in the China-ASEAN Expo for 17 consecutive years. He said, “China and ASEAN have become each other’s largest trading partners. The China-ASEAN Expo held during the extraordinary period demonstrated China’s confidence and determination to open up and cooperate. It will certainly benefit all relevant countries and contribute to world economic growth. It is also the reason why China and ASEAN countries have overcome the impact of the epidemic and insisted on holding the China-ASEAN Expo.”

“The China-ASEAN Expo has built a platform for China and ASEAN to enhance mutual trust. The two sides have carried out wide-ranging exchanges, mutual trust has accumulated, and at the same time injected strong impetus into economic cooperation.” The reporter said. (Finish)