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Late at night! Amazon and Facebook Giants have closed down! What happened?

by YCPress

On Monday, local time, the U.S. stock market ushered in the first trading day of May, the three major stock indexes collectively opened higher, but under the pressure of most blue-chip technology stocks such as Amazon, the Nasdaq index from the ups and downs, failed to join the Dow and the S.P. index to open in May. By the close of trading on Wednesday, the Dow was up 0.7 per cent and the Standard and Poor’s index was up 0.27 per cent, although the nasdad was down 0.48 per cent for the day, its second straight session of declines and its lowest level since April 22.

Technology stocks on the 3rd underperforming giant generally closed lower

Among industry stocks, with the exception of Apple, leading technology stocks all fell, with Tesla, which reported another delay in the start-up of its German super-factory project, closing down nearly 3.5 per cent, the worst performer in the sector, while Amazon fell more than 2 per cent, while technology stocks such as Facebook, Google’s parent company Alphabet and Nefert fell less than 1 per cent.

Market participants expect U.S. stocks to move better this year against the backdrop of the Federal Reserve’s continued release of dove signals and the continued recovery of the U.S. economy, but with the recent release of the U.S. earnings quarter dividend coming to an end, U.S. stocks may face a period of weakness, but still have investment value.

Multiple gains led European stock markets higher on Wednesday

In European markets, The Paris Stock Exchange And Frankfurt, Germany, Rose about 0.6%, 3 Is The British Bank Holiday Public Holiday, London Financial Markets Closed For A Day. The European Commission on Wednesday proposed relaxing entry standards to encourage EU member states to allow more qualified passengers into the country, which is seen as good news for Europe’s tourism industry. German retail sales rose 12.3 percent in March from a year earlier, the biggest increase since 1994 and well ahead of market expectations, according to data released Wednesday by the Federal Statistical Office.

International oil prices rose on the 3rd

On the crude oil market, international crude oil futures prices rebounded on Wednesday, driven by optimism about economic recovery and a weaker dollar. Light crude futures for June delivery closed up 1.43 per cent at $64.49 a barrel in New York, while Brent for July delivery closed up 1.20 per cent at $67.56 a barrel.

Gold prices rose in New York on Wednesday, hitting a near two-week high

Gold futures in New York reversed a four-day losing streak on Wednesday, closing up 1.36 per cent at $1,791.8 an ounce in June, their biggest closing gain in two weeks. Market analysts believe that the decline in U.S. Treasury yields is the main reason for the day’s rise in gold prices.