Kissinger was dismissed by the Trump administration

Kissinger was dismissed by the Trump administration

CNN quoted three officials on the 26th as saying that several prominent members of the Defense Policy Board were dismissed on the same day, including former Secretary of State Kissinger.

The report believes that this is another “cleansing” of long-term foreign policy experts and national security agencies by the Trump administration in the final stage.

In addition to Kissinger, two of the officials revealed that the members who were suddenly dismissed included former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Jane Harman, a former senior member of the House Intelligence Committee, and former House Majority Leader Canto (E. ric Cantor).

According to the website of the Defense Policy Committee, the Commission is an external advisory group composed of former senior national security officials who provide independent and wise advice and opinions on defense policy issues according to the specific tasks of the Minister of Defense and the Deputy Minister.

The report also mentioned that Trump fired Defense Secretary Esper earlier this month, and the Pentagon made a major leadership adjustment and replaced several senior officials in favor of people who were considered loyal to President Trump.

The report said that the move aroused the vigilance of military and civilian officials, who expressed concern about what might happen next.