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Guatemala officially abolishes its controversial 2021 budget

by YCPress

After several days of popular demonstrations, the Central American Guatemalan Congress held an emergency plenary session on the 25th. The meeting officially abolished the controversial budget for 2021 by 121 votes to 24 against, and the new budget will be readjusted and formulated.

At the invitation of Guatemalan President Jammaté, the Organization of American States will send a delegation to Guatemala on the 27th of this month to assess the situation in the country.

Guatemala’s Congress urgently approved the high budget for 2021 last week. The Capitol was set on fire after spending on social services such as education and health care was cut and the share of the poverty reduction budget was minimally dissatisfied by the public.

Large-scale protests and demonstrations took place in the capital Guatemala City were set on fire. According to statistics, Guatemala has a population of more than 17 million, more than half of whom live in poverty.