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J&J Coronavirus vaccine opens three phase trials in UK

J&J Coronavirus vaccine opens three phase trials in UK

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J&J Coronavirus vaccine opens three phase trials in UK 6000 people will be injected

November 16 According to the British “Guardian” report, the new crown vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson’s company Janssen Pharmaceuticals will start a three-phase trial in the UK from the 16th, and 6000 volunteers will receive injections.

This is the third new crown vaccine to enter large-scale clinical trials in the UK. The previous two were the new crown vaccine developed by AstraZeneca in cooperation with Oxford University and the US biotech company Novavax. The researchers emphasized that the search for multiple candidate vaccines is essential to ensure supply in the UK and ensure that the most effective vaccine is found.

Like the Oxford University vaccine, Janssen’s vaccine candidate is also an adenovirus vector vaccine.

The purpose of the third phase of the trial is to test the safety and effectiveness of drugs or vaccines on thousands of people. The project will initially involve 6,000 volunteers from 17 locations in the UK, including Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Manchester, etc., and will also recruit 24,000 volunteers from other countries.

The vaccine has undergone smaller-scale Phase I and Phase II trials, and an interim analysis of its single-dose study has shown that the vaccine induces a strong immune response and is generally well tolerated. British Secretary of Commerce Sharma said that assuming large-scale trials prove that the vaccine is safe and effective, by mid-2021, the UK can supply 30 million doses of the vaccine.

So far, about 25,000 British people have participated in the new crown vaccine trial, and more than 310,000 people have expressed their willingness to participate in the trial through the British National Health Service (NHS) Vaccine Research Registry.

Bingham, chairman of the British Vaccine Task Force, said that there is a special need for volunteers belonging to high-risk infection groups, including front-line health and social care workers, and people with ethnic backgrounds.