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South Korea Pandemic Increased confirmed cases in Capital

South Korea Pandemic Increased confirmed cases in Capital

by YCPress

South Korea Pandemic Increased confirmed cases in Capital

China News Service, Seoul, November 16 n the past week, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus pandemic in South Korea has surged. 

The South Korean government issued an pandemic warning for the metropolitan area and Gangwon Province.

The Central Anti-pandemic Countermeasures Headquarters reported that as of 0:00 local time on the 16th

there were 223 new cases in the past 24 hours, and more than 200 new cases in a single day for three consecutive days.

On September 29 Suseo Station in Seoul, South Korea, robots disinfected inside the station to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

At present, most areas of South Korea are in the lowest level 1 pandemic prevention level. However, in the past week, the pandemic situation in the capital area has tightened, with an average of nearly 100 new cases per day. South Korea’s pandemic prevention department said on the 16th that the pandemic in the metropolitan area and Gangwon Province is approaching the 1.5-level pandemic prevention response standard, and it is considering raising the pandemic prevention level.

South Korean Minister of Health and Welfare Park Linghou introduced on the 16th that an analysis of the latest confirmed cases revealed that the infection in daily life is serious and the pandemic situation has not declined. “Currently in an unstable situation.”

Park Linghou said: “We are facing a crisis again.” He said that if the pandemic situation continues, it will inevitably increase the level of pandemic prevention, which will have an impact on the society and economy; require people to observe social distancing measures and reduce gatherings.

South Korea will hold a national college entrance examination on December 3. The South Korean government announced that it will launch a two-week “special pandemic prevention period for the college entrance examination” on November 19, requiring cram schools, schools and other places to strengthen pandemic prevention and control.