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Japanese Exhibitors: Healthcare companies value the Expo platform

Japanese Exhibitors: Healthcare companies value the Expo platform

by YCPress

As one of the Japanese companies that have participated in the China International Import Expo for three consecutive years, Omron Healthcare’s products have achieved rapid growth in sales in the Chinese market. The company’s vice president Kenji Sugawa said that the CIIE has become their An indispensable platform for China’s development.

Kenji Sugawa, vice president of Japan’s Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.: By participating in the CIIE for three consecutive years, our company’s new technologies, products, and services can be widely understood by Chinese consumers, and our brand recognition has been improved, and , The CIIE has also made us better understand the development speed of the Chinese market and the latest technology. The CIIE has become an indispensable platform for our company’s development in China.

In the context of the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, as a health and medical company, Omron’s booth area at this year’s CIIE has increased by 100 square meters compared with previous years. The platform of the CIIE has brought the development of enterprises into the fast lane.

After a long period of joint growth with the Chinese market, this Japanese healthcare company, which has developed in China for more than 20 years, has independent planning, development and production capabilities, and the sales of its various medical products in the Chinese market have also maintained Rapid growth.

Kenji Sugawa, vice president of Omron Healthcare Corporation of Japan: Including the upper arm sphygmomanometer exhibited at the CIIE, sales of our company’s Japanese products (in the Chinese market) increased by 130%. By participating in the CIIE, we have developed a new business model for medical institutions.

At this year’s CIIE, Omron added oxygen concentrators, nebulizers and other respiratory products, and made great efforts in medical products such as non-contact thermometers and telemedicine services. The readers more intuitively feel the application of cutting-edge medical technology in real life. In addition, they also brought the latest technological products.

Yoichi Tomita, Public Relations Manager of Omron Health Medical Co., Ltd.: Our main exhibit at this CIIE is a blood pressure and electrocardiogram measuring all-in-one machine, which can measure blood pressure while recording the electrocardiogram through the touch electrode device. Currently, the world There is no device that can measure blood pressure and ECG at the same time. In the future, we plan to sell in Japan, China, and Europe.

Kenji Sugawa expects that through the CIIE platform, his company can have in-depth exchanges with outstanding companies from all over the world, learn innovative experience, meet more high-quality business partners, and gain more growth.

Kenji Sugawa, vice president of Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. of Japan: Outstanding companies from all over the world gather at the CIIE. Everyone can exchange and learn from each other in technology. The CIIE is of great significance to us.