Home Politics Is he going to start a “civil war” in the United States ? !
Is he going to start a "civil war" in the United States ? !

Is he going to start a “civil war” in the United States ? !

by YCPress

Today, the mainstream American social platform “Twitter” blocked the social account of Bannon, the former chief strategic adviser of the White House and American far-right activist, of President Trump.

According to reports from many American media, this is because this Trump confidant not only threatened to “behead” the senior American infectious disease expert Fauci, but also wanted to provoke a “civil war” in the United States!

Screenshot from the report of “Daily Beast”

According to a report on the US “Daily Beast” website, although Bannon is no longer an adviser to Trump, this American far-right still supports Trump as president. Even the results of the US election are still unclear. After that, it has been determined that Trump won the election.

In one of his own Internet radio programs, Bannon said when he “imagined” how Trump would unfold in the four years after his election, he said that he believes that Trump should not only be expelled, and he has been sincerely calling on Trump to seriously prevent the epidemic. The American senior infectious disease expert Fauci and others should also follow the British practice of punishing criminals in the 16th century by “beheading and beheading Fauci” and “sticking them on a spear” to warn other Tron. Officials of the general government, let them not be “disloyal” to Trump and his cause.

When asked by one of his accomplices why he didn’t use the “hanged” approach to Fauci, this far-right fanatic, who was also “worshipped” by some anti-China elements in the United States, even called: the “revolution” and The “civil war” has already begun, and only by beheading can people know that this is not a joke and can “win the victory of the revolution.”

Screenshot from the report of “Daily Beast”

His terrorism remarks naturally aroused strong indignation in American society. At present, Twitter has deleted the video he posted on the platform and blocked his social account. Another well-known video-sharing website in the United States, Youtube, also deleted his video.