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Jack Ma: The pattern determines the achievement, but do you know how to improve your pattern ?

Jack Ma pattern determines the achievement, but do you know how to improve your pattern ?

by YCPress

Jack Ma pattern

Jack Ma pattern has repeatedly emphasized: “The size of a person’s situation will lead to great things.”

A key factor in Jack Ma’s success is his pattern

At the first meeting of founding Ali, Jack Ma said: “What we are going to do is an e-commerce company. Our goals are threefold: first, we want to build a company that can survive 102 years; second, we want Establish an e-commerce company serving China’s small and medium-sized enterprises; third, we want to establish the world’s largest e-commerce company and enter the top ten global website rankings. “

Mr Yu also commented that Ma is a really Jack Ma pattern businessman.

In 1993, Jack Ma saw the Internet for the first time in the United States. He saw that there was a wealth of information on the Internet, so he searched on the Internet: Tsingtao Beer, but found no information, and searched for other Chinese companies, but no results. 

Ma Yun realized the huge business opportunities and believed that the Internet is a gold mine. He came up with the idea of ​​collecting information from Chinese companies on the Internet. So there is the embryonic form of Alibaba-“China Pages”. Later on this basis, Ma founded Alibaba.

Yu Minhong said that he was in the United States at the time and had been exposed to the Internet earlier than Jack Ma, but what Yu Minhong did was to use Internet technology to install a mail system for New Oriental to make internal communication more efficient.

Yu Minhong’s response is quite good, at least he knows how to use the Internet to do things that are valuable to the company.

More ordinary people, when they saw the Internet, I am afraid that they mostly considered things like how to surf the Internet, chat QQ, and play games.

Thus, different patterns, different concerns, different for the same thing and cognitive reaction, the result is different.

In this article, we will focus on how Jack Ma pattern affects a person’s destiny and how to effectively improve the pattern.


1st What is the pattern?

Jack Ma pattern of the word we use is very extensive, such as Jack Ma pattern of life, career patterns, thought patterns and so on.

So what does “pattern” mean?

The two words “ge” and “bureau” have the meaning of boundary, scope and frame.

Therefore, Jack Ma pattern of nature can be understood as the cognitive boundaries and scope of a person’s attention. 

People with a large structure can see a large range of things, and a small structure sees a small boundary.

If you think of every type of thing as a system, small systems make up a big system, and big systems make up a larger system, then the so-called big pattern means focusing on the larger system.

For example, in the plot of “Cao Cao defeated and walked on Huarong Road” in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, many people regret that Guan Yu did not kill CaoCao.

The analysis will have a different perspective. At that time, the three countries were in a strong state. If Cao Cao was killed, then Sun Quan would annex Liu Bei, who was not powerful at the time.

Therefore, Cao Cao can not kill, because he needs to maintain a situation that, in order to preserve one of Liu Bei.

Standing on this structure and level, we would know that Zhuge Liang deliberately let go of Cao Cao, and at the same time made Guan Yu owe him a favor, killing two birds with one stone. Zhuge Liang is a really big pattern of people.

You see, the same thing, the same world, people with different patterns see a completely different world.

Jack Ma pattern

2nd the role of the pattern

Pattern determines a person’s fate.

A person’s pattern is the space for one’s own thinking and action. The size of Jack Ma pattern determines the boundaries of your life. This is what we often say “the big the heart, the big the stage”.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao and Liu Bei boiled wine and discussed heroes, and evaluated the princes of the same period such as Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan, Liu Biao, etc.

Cao Cao said that they were just “faint and slack people”, “seeing small profits and forgetting their lives. Do great things and cherish one’s life”, “none of them are heroes.” Cao Cao believes that these people are all based on their own interests, expanding their strength, and have no big pursuit.

And Cao Cao and Liu Bei both wanted to end the chaos and restore order, so Cao Cao said: “The heroes of the world are only the king and the ears.”

This is a different pattern of Cao Cao and Liu Bei all want to re-establish order, and Zan, Yuan Shao and because of their own interests, princes separatist party compared to the ultimate fate and achievements are also different.

From ancient times it is to be so, a person’s pattern, determines his goals, and objectives determine the size of his achievements.

For example, the same mobile phone has different patterns, different motivations and motivations, and different achievements.

Jack Ma pattern

Luo Yonghao made a mobile phone, focused on products, and made a hammer.

Lei Jun made a mobile phone, focusing on the market and customer needs, and made Xiaomi.

Jobs do mobile phones, to focus on making great products, change the world, the achievements of the apple, but also to redefine the standard of excellent products, mobile phones, mobile phone users to change the product’s inherent knowledge and expectations.

So, back for the growth of our people, and why many years of your life have not changed? do old problems still bother you?

is your career still lingering? Why did your efforts have no results?

An important reason is that your pattern has not changed, you are tied to your borders, and your efforts just spin around.

When a person’s pattern is not big enough, his life will be limited and he won’t have too high achievements.

If you want to change your life and change your destiny, you must break through the limitations of the original pattern and establish a larger pattern.

3rd how to improve their own structure

Since the pattern is so important for personal development, then how can we enhance their pattern of it? Here we give you four effective method to enhance the pattern of these methods, if true to perform, to practice, can really change our pattern, and even change our lives and destiny.

1. Expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons

Everyone lives in their own cognitive map of the world.

Knowledge is the basis of the pattern, and one’s knowledge is the breadth of one’s knowledge of the map world.

Schopenhauer said: “We often own vision of the border as the border of the world.”

Jack Ma pattern

Different people have different perspectives, such as the cows in mountain villages, young people in small towns, white-collar workers in big cities, and world-class entrepreneurs. Because of their different experiences, everyone has a different world.

Ma Yun said in a speech that to improve knowledge is to read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, and read countless people.

The first thing to bear is to study and read books. Internet age, access to information unprecedented convenience, you can quickly understand the various information through reading and learning. 

By learning knowledge in various fields, we will have a clearer understanding of

the world, which is the basis for us to think and take action.

In addition to learning, more importantly, traveling thousands of miles, insight and experience all sorts of things, eventually all the frustration, depression, will increase your knowledge.

At the same time, we must get to know all kinds of people and understand their views on the world and problems, so as to help us build a broader vision.

Ma said why they think the angle and others do not is because they run the world, and often this level of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros and others exchange.

Zuckerberg is the same

In the early days of entrepreneurship, Zuckerberg established a good relationship with Buffett and Jobs and learned from them humbly, which also made Zuckerberg avoid many detours.

If we observe carefully, we will find that many entrepreneurs in the Internet age are overseas returnees or have high-end talents with international perspectives.

US Mission Wang, Baidu Robin Li, Charles Zhang, Sohu, have repeatedly visited the United States and other Ma, Tencent Ma to go to university in Hong Kong, an important condition for their success is the vision, the first time to access to the latest information, and therefore has a A completely different perspective of thinking.

2. System thinking, deep cognition

Everything in life is a system, and the pattern is the size of the system you can see.

Therefore, in addition to expanding knowledge, another important way to improve the pattern is to improve system thinking ability.

Human thinking, from elementary to advanced, can be divided into several categories:

Point-like thinking, just consider what is happening today to address the symptoms, headache medicine head-gap.

Linear causal, linear cause and effect of things to see, such as: that the money can happiness, efforts can be successful.

Systematic thinking: able to consider multiple components of things and the interrelationships of things, and have a more comprehensive understanding of problems.

Systems thinking is undoubtedly a more advanced way of thinking, because there is no one thing in isolation single event in the world, everything is composed of many factors and driven.

Just like a person’s success is determined by many factors, such as health, family, career, interests, environment and other factors, and these factors influence and interfere with each other.

Establishing the habit of systematic thinking allows us to see the universal connection of things, and will not look at problems in isolation and care about the other. 

The reason why many people fail is that they only see the positive side of things while ignoring the negative factors that are closely related to them.

At the same time, systems thinking allows us to see the dynamic development of things, look at the issue from the process of evolution, so that it can better grasp the law of things.

3, the expansion focus ring

Only by establishing systematic thinking can a person understand things more comprehensively, truly grasp the essential laws of things, and achieve their goals.

As the saying goes: “Those who do not seek for the whole world are not enough to seek a moment, and those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a city.” Learning system thinking allows you to look at the overall situation and plan tactics . The pattern will naturally be different.

The pattern is the scope and boundary of attention. Therefore, to improve the pattern, you need to continuously expand your scope of attention. The larger the scope of attention, the larger your pattern and the greater your achievements.

Ordinary employees see the responsibilities of their positions, department managers control the functions of the entire department, directors must consider the performance of the company, and general managers must consider the long-term healthy operation and development of the entire company.

The pattern of a person is rarely innate, and the pattern is gradually formed and expanded in the process of growth.

Liu Qiang East early start, just to purely make money, make family life a little better; then transformation of Jingdong e-commerce, the focus gradually extended to a customer-centric, the staff of life; and then later with the development of Jingdong, Liu Qiang East target conversion In order to assume greater social responsibility, improve the efficiency of the entire retail industry, and reduce the logistics cost of the entire society.

With the development of JD.com, Liu Qiangdong’s concern has become bigger and bigger

that is, the bigger the pattern, and the bigger and bigger JD.com business.

Jack Ma said in a speech at the Dharma Institute: 

“If you want to be a great company, you must solve great problems. To become a great company, you must solve great problems.

The bigger the problem solved, the bigger the benefit you will get. When we solve problems, we will gain profits and happiness. Any enterprise or organization, if you create something that can’t solve social problems, it will not last long. “

One year, on the Internet Conference Wuzhen, Ma, Lei Jun, so a bunch of bigwigs gathered.

At that time, Lei Jun’s Xiaomi mobile phones were selling like a raging fire. When Lei Jun speech, talk at length about the bright future of mobile phones in the future.


When it was Ma Yun’s turn to speak, Ma Yun sang the opposite. He said, “Air is no good, water is no good, what good is a mobile phone?”

Lei Jun was speechless for a while, and the scene was once embarrassing.

What is the relationship between air, water and mobile phones? Ma really meant to say, from a higher level, to define the responsibility of entrepreneurs.

Regarding this point, Lei Jun later publicly admitted that he really wants to learn from Jack Ma in terms of social responsibility.

In essence, Jack Ma does not have a stronger sense of social responsibility than Lei Jun, but has a larger pattern and vision, and he focuses on a larger system.

“University” in talking about “self, family, country and the world”, is a person of concern range from the inside out, and gradually expand the process. We must continue to grow and continue to expand our focus to have a greater pattern and achievements.

fourth Improve self-positioning

Improve self-positioning A person’s pattern, and in addition to knowledge about

there is an important decision factor is a person’s self-positioning.

Self-positioning is what kind of person you want to be and how big things you want to do. The size of a person’s goal determines a person’s level of thinking and behavior.

Everyone has a self-expectation in their minds. This expectation is not the kind of goal we verbally say, but

self-expectation that we truly agree with deep down.

If you fail to meet this expectation, you will have trouble sleeping and eating, such as sitting on pins and needles, and you will not be able to obtain inner peace and tranquility.

Only by taking action to eliminate the gap can you stop the pain. Only by reaching this goal will you be satisfied with yourself.

Once over this, no amount of achievement, the satisfaction will fall.

If you draw the target value and satisfaction as a coordinate, you will get the following curve:

Improve self-positioning

Everyone is this x point, each person determines the different patterns and destiny.

Different goals determine the difference in ways to achieve the goals.

You want to make thousands of dollars, ordinary working on it.

tens of thousands of dollars, you may need to work harder to become a more senior talent.

make millions, you may have to start a business.

want to make a few hundred million, you must make a big business.

Goals will adjust your focus, guide your thinking and actions, influence your pattern, and ultimately determine your achievements.

A person whose wealth goal is 1 million and a person whose

wealth goal is 100 million is destined to have a different life path.

A person who works step by step every day and makes a living

and a person who is determined to become a CEO and

reach the pinnacle of life, life is destined to be different.

A determined alive to change the world, just want to make money and a car to buy a house

just want to have anything to eat, and their life is bound is not the same.

Lei Jun wanted to accomplish a great career since his youth. 

He wants to do more than that, once he can’t do it. , He would have trouble sleeping and eating, and endure the suffering brought about by this gap day and night. It is this suffering, driven Lei Jun.

In 2010, Lei Jun to overcome the fear of failure, a new start, the creation of millet company.

Because Lei Jun’s expectations for himself this time are different from those in the past, the business landscape this time is much larger than before.

 n the past, Lei Jun paid more attention to his own ability and diligence

but this time he paid more attention to the judgment and grasp of the trend.

During this entrepreneurial process, he put forward the famous “outlet theory”, and he also paid great attention to the business model and made full use of the Internet. Thinking, a dimensionality reduction blow to traditional industries.

Because Lei Jun’s second venture has a bigger goal than before

the pattern must be larger, so the final result is also different.

For another example, Jobs’s expectation for himself is-to live to change the world, so he is demanding on the products he makes and pursues near perfection, so he has created a series of great products: ipad, iphone, ipod, mac

these products have changed our lives, but also the achievements of today’s Apple.

do you know how to improve your pattern ?

do you know how to improve your pattern ?

do you know how to improve your pattern ? Pattern is the boundary of our lives, we created the stage, we ride the battlefield. For more people, because of the small pattern, the pattern eventually became their cage and shackles. If you want to break through

the predicament of life and break through, you must learn to break through your own pattern

break that invisible wall, and expand into a broader field. And these four methods mentioned above

can effectively help us improve the pattern.

Finally, to summarize the four methods to enhance the pattern set forth herein:

1. Expand your knowledge and expand your horizons

2. System thinking, depth of cognition

3. Expand the circle of interest

3. Improve self-positioning

If you upgrade themselves from these four aspects, over time,

you’ll find yourself looking at and analyze things

it begins to have a broader perspective, and more long-term visio

increasing the scope of your attention, self-expectations Also getting higher. 

At this time you know that your pattern

is constantly improving, and you will also have a brand new life.