Home Science A large number of NATO ships are approaching and the Russian naval fleet
A large number of NATO ships are approaching and the Russian naval fleet

A large number of NATO ships are approaching and the Russian naval fleet

by YCPress

A large number of NATO ships are approaching, and the Russian naval fleet: dare to break, dare to fight. Russia’s hard-line attitude towards the outside world in its military policy has long been a clear fact by the international community.

Putin often uses the simplest reciprocal countermeasures to make the most efficient response to the provocations of various parties in the military. Along with military strength, it also reflects its emphasis on the bottom line of national security.

 Recently, for NATO fighters frequently approaching Russian territory, the Russian air force has always been able to achieve an emergency elevation, and safeguard its own sovereign interests by monitoring and driving away fighters from other countries.

A large number of NATO ships are approaching

October 29. NATO changed the way it used to send warplanes to provoke Russia and chose to use a large number of warships to demonstrate against Russia in the Black Sea. 

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense quoted by the Russian Sputnik News Agency, on the 29th, when a large number of NATO ships approached the Russian Black Sea region, Russia sent a number of warships to carry out surveillance operations on the NATO fleet.

After a period of surveillance, NATO All conditions of the fleet have been ascertained by the Russian Navy.

It is reported that the NATO fleet includes the “Aliakmon” from Greece, the “Orion” from France, the “Alghero” from Italy and the “Duro” from Spain. 

Although the fleet has four ships, its tonnage is small, and it is used more for mine clearance operations than for frontal operations on the battlefield. One of the more noticeable is the naval ship from Greece.

According to a report on the 27th in the Greek “China Greek Times”, a minesweeper of the Greek Navy collided with a cargo ship, causing the warship to be smashed into two.

Russian navy fleet: dare to break, dare to fight.

In fact, NATO sent a number of small ships to the key waters of the Black Sea this time. The significance is to find out the deployment of mines in the waters, and the future does not rule out military operations or coalition forces in this area play.

 But no matter what, the Russian navy has made it clear that once the NATO fleet crosses the boundary, the Russian fleet will dare to strike against it.

As the third largest fleet of the Russian Navy, the Black Sea Fleet is not as strong as the Pacific Fleet and far less than the Soviet heyday, but at least the heritage it once retained is still strong. Nearly 50 warships and a “Moscow” with a displacement of more than 10,000 tons “The cruiser” and the three 11356 guided-missile frigates that have joined the Black Sea Fleet since 2017 have built a strong defense force for Russia in the Black Sea.

In the face of the provocation of the NATO fleet, the Russian Navy has made careful preparations for this, and demonstrated to NATO the powerful strength of the Russian Caspian Fleet through simple and deterrent military exercises, as well as a tough military attitude that dares to fight back and is not afraid of conflict. .