ITU completes assessment of global recognition of IMT-2020 technology 5G will become the pillar of the global digital economy

On November 26, local time, the Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union stated that as ITU successfully evaluates three new technologies that meet the vision and strict performance requirements of International Mobile Telecommunications 2020 (IMT-2020), it will use The wireless interface fully commercialized in the fifth-generation mobile communication network has been validated globally.

These three technologies are: 3GPP 5G-SRIT submitted by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), 3GPP 5G-RIT and 5Gi submitted by the Indian Telecommunications Standards Development Association.

In the course of years of development and evaluation of the ITU Radiocommunication Department, these technologies are considered to be sufficiently detailed to achieve compatibility of operations and equipment including roaming worldwide.

The first release of IMT-2020 supporting 5G is a set of terrestrial wireless interface specifications. These specifications are included in the ITU Radiocommunication Department’s Recommendations entitled “Detailed Specifications for IMT-2020 Radio Interfaces”. Among the standards. This proposal is awaiting final approval by the 193 member states of the ITU.

△Image source: International Telecommunication Union

“The IMT-2020 specification of the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) will become the backbone of the future digital economy, changing our lives, and leading industries and society into the world of automation and intelligence.” Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General of ITU, said, “5G It will bring international mobile communications with faster data speeds, reliable connections and low latency, all of which are necessary for us to build a new global communications ecosystem in which connected devices send large amounts of data through ultra-high-speed broadband.”

Mario Manivić, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau, said: “The successful completion of the evaluation process and the release of this global standard is an important milestone for the global telecommunications industry and its users. 5G technology will be further enriched. The global communications ecosystem expands the scope of innovative applications and supports the booming Internet of Things, including machine-to-machine communications.”

The evaluation of candidate technologies is not carried out by the ITU Radiocommunication Department alone. This is a highly collaborative process. ITU member states, equipment manufacturers, network operators, and all participating countries, regional and international standard setting organizations, partners, academia and forums have provided a lot of input and conducted A lot of coordination, because the ITU Radiocommunication Department provides a unique global framework for discussing new radio technology capabilities.

At the beginning of 2012, ITU launched the “IMT-2020 and Future Technologies” plan, which laid the foundation for 5G research activities and established the vision and requirements for 5G globalization in 2015. In the ongoing international mobile communications plan of the ITU, ITU members will continue to make long-term contributions to mobile communications and promote the ITU’s mission of “committing the world”. 

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