Home Politics Iran’s foreign ministry confirmed talks with Saudi Arabia
Iran's foreign ministry confirmed talks with Saudi Arabia

Iran’s foreign ministry confirmed talks with Saudi Arabia

by YCPress

May 10th 2021, Iran’s Foreign Ministry confirmed for the first time that Iran and Saudi Arabia held talks.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Khatibzad said at a press conference held the same day, Iran and Saudi Arabia talks aimed at discussing bilateral and regional relations, Iran has always welcomed dialogue on such issues at all levels, this is not a new policy. He also stressed that the outcome of the talks still needs to wait.

Khatibzadeh said that in international relations, more attention needs to be focused on action than statements, the Persian Gulf region two Islamic countries to improve relations between the two countries and regional interests.

Iran welcomes the resolution of the contradictions and differences between the two countries, “We hope that the change in atmosphere will help the two sides to achieve meaningful communication on bilateral and regional issues.” ”

According to Saudi media reported on the 7th, an unnamed Saudi Foreign Ministry official confirmed to the media that Saudi Arabia held talks with Iran, but did not disclose the time, place and specific participants in the talks.

Earlier, British media reported that senior Saudi and Iranian officials held direct talks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on April 9, the first direct talks between the two countries since they severed diplomatic relations in January 2016.