Home Politics Iranian President said that the end of “economic terrorism” by the United States was a prerequisite for Iran’s nuclear negotiations.
After the Vienna Conference, Rouhani said that the restart process of the Iran nuclear agreement opened a new chapter.

Iranian President said that the end of “economic terrorism” by the United States was a prerequisite for Iran’s nuclear negotiations.

by YCPress

February 25th -§ France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and other relevant parties to the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue recently expressed their hope to promote the full resumption of the implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement through political and diplomatic efforts and negotiation.

Iranian President Rouhani said on the 24th that the United States should immediately stop its failed “economic terrorism” policy towards Iraq, which is a prerequisite for starting negotiations within the multilateral framework of the Iran nuclear agreement.

According to AFP, the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Britain held a video meeting on the 23rd and issued a joint statement, expressing “deep regret” that Iran suspended its voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The statement urged Iran to stop all actions to reduce “transparency” and ensure full and timely cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The statement also stressed that it supports the search for a negotiated solution through diplomatic efforts, and the goal remains to uphold the Iran nuclear agreement.

The Permanent Representative of Russia to the International Organization in Vienna also expressed his hope to resume some of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s monitoring and verification of Iran’s nuclear activities through political efforts in the context of the full resumption of the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting on the 24th that Iran still wants to uphold the comprehensive agreement, but whether it can be maintained in the current situation depends on whether the United States will stop its “economic terrorism” policy.

Once the United States stops this policy, the two sides can start negotiations, but it is impossible to add new clauses to the agreement.

Iran’s state television previously reported that Iran has officially begun to restrict international verification of its nuclear facilities since the 23rd, in an attempt to pressure European countries and the U.S. government to lift severe economic sanctions and resume the Iran nuclear agreement reached in 2015.

Regarding the negotiation of the return to Iran nuclear agreement, U.S. State Department spokesman Price said on the 24th that the patience of the United States with Iran is “not unlimited” and that “the most effective way to ensure that Iran will never acquire nuclear weapons is through diplomatic means”.

Price said on the 18th of this month that the United States will accept the invitation of the High Representative of the European Union to discuss diplomatic solutions to the Iranian nuclear issue with the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, Germany, Iran and other participants in the Iran nuclear agreement.