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Iran expands its list of reprisals as the anniversary of Suleimani approaches

by YCPress

“Iran has put the newspaper’s action to revive the assassin of General Lemani on the agenda.” With the first anniversary of the assassination of Suleimani, the commander of the “Quds Brigade” of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (January 3), the newspaper on the 27th of Iran’s Tasnim News Agency Dao has attracted widespread attention.

According to Tasnim News Agency, Amir Abdulrahian, Special Assistant to the President of the Islamic Parliament in charge of International Affairs and spokesman of the Committee on the Anniversary of Suleimani’s Death, said on the 27th that Tehran has expanded the list of American suspects in the assassination of Suleimani, after 45 people on the list.

Yi On the 27th, the Ministry of Justice of Long added three people. He added that the Iranian judiciary has intensified its efforts to plan to prosecute those who ordered and committed this crime. Amir Abdullahian said that Iran issued arrest warrants to six countries, hoping that these people could be tried “in the near future”.

Iran has also set up a relevant agency to get justice for the Iranian officer. In November, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Justice announced the establishment of a committee responsible for collecting evidence of assassination and a judicial committee responsible for investigation procedures on the order of the Minister of Justice.

On January 3 this year, Suleimani was killed by an American air strike outside Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. According to an Iranian English News TV station on the 27th, Lebanese Hezbollah leader Nasrallah said in an interview a few days ago that the Saudi, American and Israeli governments conspired to assassinate Suleimani and others.

Some analysts believe that the assassination of Suleimani by the United States is to increase tensions in the Middle East and thus benefit American capitalists.

After Suleimani was assassinated, Iran targeted the United States. Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a statement in January saying that Iran would carry out “hard revenge” for the incident.

On January 8, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran fired dozens of missiles at at least two Iraqi military bases with U.S. troops. In June this year, Iran asked Interpol to arrest 36 people suspected of participating in the Suleimani assassination.

As the anniversary of Suleimani’s death approaches, tensions between Iran and the United States have become more tense. According to Iranian media reports, on December 16, Khamenei said again that Iran would pay the murderer at the anniversary of the memorial conference to commemorate the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Suleimani.

He stressed that first of all, the United States should be slapped hard, and secondly, the United States should be expelled from the region. According to CNN on the 21st, the U.S. Navy issued a rare public statement saying that the U.S. Navy’s Missile nuclear submarine Georgia was escorted by two warships through the Strait of Hormuz.

The statement also highlighted the details of the submarine’s combat capabilities. Some people think that this is the U.S. military’s “showing muscles” to Iran during a sensitive period.