Home Politics Haven’t you given up yet? Trump encourages supporters to “see you on January 6”
The 2020 U.S. presidential election seems to be longer than ever before.

Haven’t you given up yet? Trump encourages supporters to “see you on January 6”

by YCPress

“See you in Washington, D.C. on January 6th! Don’t miss it. There will be relevant information in the future.” On the evening of the 27th local time, US President Trump tweeted such a message.

The U.S. president does not seem to have abandoned his plan to overturn the election results. January 6 is the day when the two houses of the United States Congress held a joint meeting to count the electoral votes, which is also Trump’s last chance to turn the tables.

Recently, Trump has tweeted his dissatisfaction one after another, targeting the judiciary and the Republican Party. On the 26th and 27th, he asked Republican senators to come forward and fight for the presidency, saying that if the Democratic presidential candidate is stolen from the election results, the Democratic senators will regard it as an act of war and resist to the end.

Trump criticized Republican Senate leader McConnell and others for not fighting and just wanting to “turn the page”.

The US president also criticized that the courts were “bad”, that the FBI and the so-called “Department of Justice” were not doing their jobs, and that the U.S. electoral system looked like a backward nation.” History will be remembered. Never give up, meet you all in Washington DC on January 6th!” Trump issued a “combat article” on the 26th.

The British newspaper The Independent said that Trump said that he said “see you in Washington, D.C. on January 6”, indicating his intention to challenge the election results that day.

Although McConnell called on Republican lawmakers not to do so, several Republican lawmakers are ready to respond to the president’s call. Trump’s persistence in overthrowing the election results has aroused dissatisfaction with the New York Post, which has always supported him.

In an article published in the newspaper on the 28th, the editorial board called on Trump to seriously consider the Senate election in Georgia, instead of always thinking about overthrowing the election results.

“Keeping the Senate means keeping your legacy… If you insist on spending the last time on destroying everything, you will be remembered in this way. It’s not a revolutionary figure, but anarchist.”