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India’s “Republic Day”, farmers want to engage in 100 km “tractor protest” convoy

by YCPress

India’s agricultural reform caused by the civil protest is still ongoing in recent days, India’s New Delhi TV news network reported on the 24th, the country’s farmers in many places ready to drive tractors in the capital New Delhi on the 26th of this month’s “Republic Day” march, sparking widespread concern in India.

The Indian Express reported that Suhojev Singh Coakley, director general of the Indian Farmers Federation, said on the 24th that a large number of farmers protesters from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana would gather in the capital New Delhi on the 26th to hold a massive “tractor protest” on behalf of the farming population of the country’s 20 states.

According to the Times of India, the protest will cover a total distance of about 100 kilometers, or in several routes, but the New Delhi police have not yet approved any of the routes.

In addition, although the farmers’ representatives stressed that the event would be a “completely peaceful march”, it is difficult not to clash with the military parade on the same day with such a large number of people, and public opinion fears that it will lead to violence.

It is understood that the Indian government’s newly enacted agricultural reform bill is so unpopular that hundreds of thousands of farmers have been gathering around the capital to protest for nearly two months.

According to the report, the Indian opposition party, the Nationalist Congress Party, strongly urged the government to accept the farmers’ demands and completely abolish the previously passed bill.