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In Christmas, A man shot his mother and then began to dance with Teen Sister...

In Christmas, A man shot his mother and then began to dance with Teen Sister…

by YCPress

The “poison” is too deep! A man in the United States who danced with his sister after shooting his mother tested positive for drug content.

Poisoning is too deep, “going crazy”? According to Newsweek on the 25th, Utah police said that on Christmas Eve, Michael Lopez, a 23-year-old man, shot his mother Ramirez at the dinner table, and then began to dance with his 14-year-old sister.

Later, Lopez was tested positive for his Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, a chemical in cannabis). At present, he faces a first-degree charge of serious murder.

According to the report, Ramirez was preparing to have dinner at home with his two teenage daughters on the 23rd, and his son Lopez came in with a shotgun.

Lopez nodded to his 14-year-old sister, and then he pointed his gun at his mother. At that time, Ramirez said, “I know you are going to kill me.”

Local media said Lopez’s 17-year-old sister told police that she followed her little sister to the bathroom, but as soon as she turned around, he saw Lopez shooting her mother in the neck.

Then Lopez began to dance with his little sister,” she said.

The 17-year-old said she escaped from the bathroom window and then informed her sister who lived nearby, who called the police. The police found Lopez in the bathroom in the basement.

He did not seem to be injured or reacted, and the police took him to the hospital, but doctors said they thought Lopez was pretending. In addition, Lopez tested positive for THC. According to the report, THC is an ingredient in cannabis, which can cause pleasure.

According to the report, Lopez was arrested and sent to Utah prison. When questioned by the police, he said that someone was asked to shoot his mother, which he said was a “knowledged” feeling.

Local media also said that Lopez’s 14-year-old sister was slightly injured when she was arrested by the police, and one policeman called her “very strange behavior”.

She told the police that she and Lopez went to buy shotguns and pistols the day before.” After Lopez killed their mother, I asked her if she had danced with him,” the policeman wrote in the report, looking at me and smiling that she remembered to dance, and then she tried to sing me that song.

But she denied knowing in advance that Lopez was going to kill her mother.