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If a conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, will Australia intervene militarily? Kim Ignan: Don’t dream!

If a conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, will Australia intervene militarily? Kim Ignan: Don't dream!

Australian media recently issued a statement

The Australian government is ready to go

in response to possible military operations in the Taiwan Strait

Kim Ignan, a military expert:

Don’t dream!

Australian media: If there is a conflict in the Taiwan Strait

Australia may intervene militarily

Recently, Australian media published a report entitled “Canberra prepares for the Taiwan Conflict as tensions escalate”, saying that the Australian government has “dramatically upgraded” its preparations in response to possible military action in the Taiwan Strait region.

The report quoted sources as saying that in response to the worst-case scenario of a possible conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan, the Australian government may send military forces to cooperate with U.S. operations, and is currently discussing the extent and extent of assistance.

An Australian government official told Australian media that Australia’s military might depends on the military influence the government wants to make. Another former Australian defence official said that in the event of a conflict, the Australian military’s options include deploying anti-aircraft destroyers, working with U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups and deploying Collins-class submarines.

In addition, maritime reconnaissance aircraft, aerial refueling aircraft, “wedge tail” early warning aircraft and “Super Hornet” fighter aircraft may be deployed to provide “air cover” for the U.S. military, and to cooperate with U.S. bases in Guam, the Philippines and even Japan.

Expert: Australia is America’s “follow-up”

Don’t dream!

Why is Australia so actively involved in the Taiwan issue? Can Australia’s current military might really sustain its “ambition”?

Analysis by military expert Kim Il-nam:

Australia’s territory is surrounded by the sea and does not border any country, and its pressure on homeland security is minimal. But it is strange that Australia has been involved in almost all military operations since the 19th century. It was involved in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, and so on. Although Australia’s military might is not so strong and the threat is not so great, it is particularly manageable. It is like a wolf for adultery, often lying on the wolf’s body, the wolf bites who, it follows the bite who; Australia likes to play that role.

To be clear, Australia is an American “listening poor”, a “follow-up”, how much power can it pose a threat to China’s reunification? Does China have to look at Australia’s face when it completes the reunification? Don’t dream, it’s not that strong, it’s not that strong, it’s not that hanging, we don’t have to care if it doesn’t get involved in the Taiwan issue. If it insists on getting involved, it will only do more damage to Australia itself, and that can only be the result.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Adhere to the one-China principle

It is the proper meaning of Sino-Australian relations

Meanwhile, Australia’s defence chief recently made inappropriate remarks about the Taiwan issue in an interview. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded at a regular press conference held on the 26th:

I would like to emphasize that adherence to the one-China principle is the rightful meaning of China-Australia relations. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory. The Taiwan issue is purely an internal matter of China and involves China’s core interests and should not be interfered with by any external forces. It is hoped that Australia will fully recognize the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, abide by the one-China principle, act with caution, not send any wrong signals to the separatist forces of “Taiwan independence” and do more things conducive to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and Sino-Australian relations.

Source: CCTV-7 Midday Defense Military

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