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Hypocrisy deceit slander Australia's anti-China fake think tank suffers a big blow

Hypocrisy, deceit, slander! Australia’s anti-China fake think tank suffers a big blow

by YCPress

The Australian Institute for Strategic Policy (ASPI) has always followed the US anti-China forces to hype various anti-China issues under the name of a “think tank”, fabricated false China-related reports, and smeared China. Recently, an article published on the official website of the Australian Citizen Party criticized the institute as an extremely hypocritical propaganda tool. This organization has now turned its target to China, and its series of operations are like spreading rumors that “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.”

Australia’s Institute for Strategic Policy reveals its hypocrisy

The article reveals that the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy is an organization jointly funded by the US State Department, certain foreign governments, NATO, and some multinational weapons manufacturers. The purpose is to force Australia to follow US anti-China forces to smear China. The Australian Citizens Party said the agency played a prominent role in deteriorating Sino-Australian relations.

In fact, at the end of September, the official website of the Australian Citizens Party published a series of reports on the “China Narrative”, exposing the actions of the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy and the Australian Security Intelligence Organization to create anti-China public opinion and disrupt China-Australia relations in Australia in recent years.

The report mentioned that the Australian Security Intelligence Organization used a group of anti-China elements to create public opinion and spread anti-China ideas, including former Australian prime minister’s adviser John Garnott, MP Andrew Hesti, writer Clive Hamilton, and reporter Nick · Mackenzie et al. These people deliberately exaggerated the “China threat theory”, citing unconfirmed content to attack China to cover up the fact that Australia’s foreign policy has been manipulated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization and the “Five Eyes Alliance”. The Australian public is being “bombed” by false information. .

Australian writers distorted facts and wrote anti-Chinese “masterpieces”

Under the guise of “academic”, the anti-China scholar Clive Hamilton has published many books to exaggerate the “China Threat Theory” and spread anti-China false information. The Australian Citizen Party bluntly stated that Hamilton used “falsification of documents and distortion of data” to support many of the claims in the book, which is full of deception.

For example, Hamilton claimed in “Hidden Hand” that on a global scale, some political, military and other leaders’ medical records were stolen, “it is very likely that China did it.” However, the Australian Citizens Party pointed out that not only did the references provided by Hamilton in the book not mention China, the stolen medical records were not the medical records, and the references could not support the so-called allegations.

The book also slandered that the Chinese government is engaged in espionage activities and the Chinese military has 30,000 to 50,000 factories around the world. This statement comes from a 2016 pamphlet, one of the authors is the so-called “cybersecurity expert” James Scott. In 2018, Scott was exposed for false propaganda on social media and activities under a pseudonym. His “only expertise” in cyber security was that he published a series of books on this subject and was a pseudo-expert. Today, Scott is selling a series of hacker-themed clothing.

Hamilton himself admitted that these data have no basis, but still quoted them in the book. The Australian Civic Party article quoted former Australian diplomat Mei Zhuolin as saying that Hamilton’s anti-China book “Hidden Hand” is a “slander” against China. She believes that the language in Hamilton’s book is full of emotions and lacks a basic understanding of China’s political structure. This book is biased and academically poor.

The Australian Citizens Party stated that Hamilton deliberately distorted any statement of friendship, mutual respect or mutually beneficial cooperation with China to deceive Australians into launching a new cold war with China. His malicious intentions are obvious.

The Australian Research Institute “calls for thieves to catch thieves” on human rights issues

In addition, the Australian independent media APAC News Network also published articles exposing the interest chain of the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy and the fact that the foreign governments and companies that funded the agency participated in the squeeze of prison labor.

△APAC News Network reported: Australian Institute of Strategic Policy is funded by companies that use prison labor

The article broke the news that the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy received millions of dollars from foreign governments and companies, a large part of which came from companies that directly profited from forced prison labor. It is ridiculous that the institute accused China of human rights problems.

The Australian Institute of Strategic Policy claims that it is conducting independent research, but it is a company owned by the Australian Federation and has never publicly disclosed the amount of funding sponsored by the Australian Ministry of Defense, foreign governments and weapons manufacturers. According to the article, at least 11 financial supporters of the agency directly or indirectly participated in the use of prison labor and human trafficking. The four main long-term supporters all rely on prison labor to produce munitions and spare parts, including Lockheed. Martin and Raytheon. The Australian Institute for Strategic Policy has received financial support from these companies and regularly publishes reports declaring that China is “a major security threat.” At the same time, it has successfully prompted the Australian government to purchase billions of dollars in military products from its sponsors.

The article said that the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy has been condemned by more and more former Australian diplomats, defense personnel, heads of the Federal Public Service and senior media commentators.