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Hurricane passes through Colombia and declares a state of disaster

by YCPress

The transit of Hurricane Jota caused serious losses to many parts of Colombia. About 28 provinces across the country continued to

experience heavy rains, causing natural disasters such as floods and mudslides, causing at least 8 deaths and many missing. 

According to statistics, at least 1,400 houses were destroyed

Hurricane Jota

Hurricane Jota The Colombian government announced on the 18th that the worst-hit

San Andres and Providencia Islands have entered a 12-month “disaster state”.

The government will coordinate local disaster response and post-disaster reconstruction matters.

Providencia is the area most affected by the hurricane. According to Colombian media reports, almost 98% of

In response, the government proposed a 100-day reconstruction plan, and many places including the capital

Bogota have provided various types of assistance to Providencia.

According to Colombia’s National Meteorological Service, the hurricane season will last until the end of November. At present, a tropical storm located in the northern ocean of

Venezuela may transit the Caribbean coast in the near future.

The northern coastal provinces of the region must prepare for disaster prevention in advance.