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Can U.S. still dump China after Coronavirus ? Italy authoritative report provides important clues to the outbreak

Can U.S. still dump China after Coronavirus ? Italy authoritative report provides important clues to the outbreak

by YCPress

It has been nearly a year since the outbreak of Coronavirus Coronavirus pandemic. Focusing on the origin of the virus, Western politicians headed by US President Trump have tried every possible way to put the black pot on China. 

But with the publication of a study, more and more evidence shows that the new coronavirus did not first appear in Wuhan, China. The report just released by an Italian authority provides important clues to the outbreak.

According to a report by Observer.com on November 16, a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute (INT) in Milan, Italy, accidentally discovered that Coronavirus pandemic began to spread in Italy in September last year, well before the outbreak in Wuhan.

In order to carry out a lung cancer screening test, INT collected blood samples from 959 Italians and analyzed them from September last year to March this year. As a result, it was found in the test that 111 people (11.6%) had antibodies to coronavirus before February of this year, and four of the samples where antibodies were detected were collected in the first week of October last year, which shows that These four people were infected with coronavirus in September last year.

The Italian research findings are not alone. As early as March of this year, American scientists discovered in a study on coronavirus that “Wuhan is by no means the source of the virus.”

The virus that caused the global pandemic did not come from a laboratory, nor was it intentionally manipulated. The virus is naturally occurring. The weaker version of this virus has been circulating among people for years, even decades.

Tracing the origin of the virus is a very serious and long process. This latest discovery in Italy does not mean that coronavirus originated in Italy, but it can be mutually corroborated with the research of American scientists and further confirm China’s innocence. 

At the same time, the conspiracy of Western politicians headed by Trump to discredit and slander China has been thoroughly exposed.

So, where does coronavirus come from? No scientists have been able to come up with definite evidence yet, but Wuhan, China is by no means the place where the virus originated.

It is just that doctors in Wuhan, China took the lead in “whistling”. But Trumps ignored China’s huge sacrifices and contributions in fighting Coronavirus pandemic, concealed the truth that the so-called “pandemic” in United States caused nearly hundreds of thousands of deaths, and regarded this as the best opportunity to suppress and contain China.

And thus set off a wave of “anti-China” internationally.

With the appeal of United States in Western countries and the hegemony of international public opinion, it is not very difficult to rumors a country. 

But in fact, although some countries and regions followed United States to discredit and slander China for political purposes, and even claimed to conduct an “international investigation” of China, what Trumps did not expect was that China had not become a world player.

People criticized it, but because of its excellent performance in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic and the selfless assistance to countries, it has won the support of the WHO and the mainstream international society.

Of course, there are reasons for the decline of US national power and the rise of China’s influence, but more importantly, justice is in the hearts of the people. 

In the face of allegations without any evidence, except for those fools in countries and regions such as Australia, Sweden, and Taiwan Province, the rest of the countries do not buy United States at all, and sneer at all United States’ remarks that discredit China.

On the contrary, Trump’s remarks did not deceive the world, but instead deceived himself and the American people, letting them relax their vigilance against the virus, thus making United States the most diagnosed and deadly country in the world.

The economy has also suffered heavy losses. Trump also shot himself in the foot because of this, and his ineffective fight against Coronavirus pandemic became the main reason for his defeat.

The example of United States fully illustrates that politics cannot override science. Otherwise, it is the ordinary people who are hurt. 

The fact is United States will not recover quickly because of Trump’s resignation, and the damage caused will continue.