Home Politics Hundreds of spectators freeze after Trump campaign rally 7 people were taken away by ambulance
Hundreds of spectators freeze after Trump campaign rally 7 people were taken away by ambulance

Hundreds of spectators freeze after Trump campaign rally 7 people were taken away by ambulance

by YCPress

According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on the 28th, Trump held an outdoor campaign rally in Omaha on Tuesday night in Nebraska, USA local time. After the rally ended at around 9 o’clock, Trump left on Air Force One.

However, due to the lack of a shuttle bus, hundreds of Trump supporters were trapped at the Eppley Airport in Omaha and forced to endure severe cold temperatures for several hours. The Omaha Police Department stated that seven people were pulled away by ambulances and another 30 were “contacted” by the police for medical reasons.

A police officer reported that he found an elderly person who was frozen and unable to move. Another police officer reported: “There is an elderly man 10 blocks away from me… now he has trouble breathing.”

Records show that 20 buses caused a traffic jam, and commuters had to shuttle back and forth between busy parking lots and exits. The police said in a statement that when many people decided to walk several miles to reach the parking lot, the flow of people caused further delays in the buses going to the meeting place to pick up people.

The police said that after Trump left, the people attending the rally would have to queue for several hours to reach the congested parking lot, and long lines to leave. The last person boarded a bus at the rally site at 11:50 pm, about 3 hours before the end of the rally.

On Wednesday, Biden delivered a speech in Wilmington, Delaware: “Look at what happened in Omaha after the Trump rally last night. Hundreds of people, including the elderly and children, were trapped in sub-zero temperatures. It was cold for several hours. Several people were taken to the hospital. This reflects President Trump’s overall strategy in this crisis… He has issued many major declarations, but none of them stand up.”

The Trump campaign said in a statement: “President Trump loves his supporters and he was very excited about his visit to Omaha last night. Despite the cold weather, thousands of people attended his rally. Because of that. There are a large number of people.

We deployed 40 shuttle buses, which is twice the normal allocation. However, the local roads are closed, causing traffic congestion and delays. Where the guests leave, we have prepared tents, heaters, generators, and hot cocoa for the guests.

And hand warmers. We have been working hard to provide participants with the best experience and we care about their safety.”

According to the report, Trump said to the public on the morning of the rally that he had gone to Wisconsin and Michigan, where it had been raining and freezing. He expressed his gratitude to the people who participated in the rally. 

He said: “I said I would not wear a hat because I want to show you how strong we are…”

Senator Megan Hunt of Nebraska criticized Trump when commenting on the incident on Twitter: “The president’s supporters were brought in, but the bus could not go back and take them back. Omaha was cold and snowy tonight. .”