Home Politics How will Iran retaliate for the assassination of the chief nuclear scientist?
How will Iran retaliate for the assassination of the chief nuclear scientist?

How will Iran retaliate for the assassination of the chief nuclear scientist?

by YCPress

On the afternoon of November 27, Iran, a car in which senior Iranian nuclear physicist Muhsin Fahrizad exploded while driving on a street in the village of Abu Shad, 60 kilometers northeast of Tehran. Then there was a shooting, killing many people. Iran’s Ministry of Defense said that Fakrizad was seriously injured in the attack and sent to the hospital. He died after ineffective treatment.

At present, no organization or individual has announced that the attack has been carried out.

The wounds of the assassination of General Suleimani at the beginning of the year are not far away, and Iran’s chief nuclear scientist was assassinated at the end of the year.

The scene of the murder was in a mess. Associated Press

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei vowed on the 28th local time to retaliate against the behind the killing of the country’s chief nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fahrizad, and called for those behind-the-scenes gangs. “Definitive punishment”, while the international community calls on Iran to exercise restraint.

Next, how will Iran retaliate? Is a bloody storm really coming?

Chief nuclear physicist living in a deep residence

Based on reports from all parties, we can roughly restore the assassination of Fahrizad.

While Fahrizad was driving to a relatively remote section of the road in the vehicle of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, a black Nissan pickup truck loaded with wood suddenly appeared in front of him. The wood was actually an explosive in disguise.

The driver of the pickup truck, after successfully hitting the car, decisively carried out a suicide operation and immediately detonated a large amount of explosives on the car.

The pickup truck exploded in front of it, and Fahrizad’s special vehicles were forced to stop and seriously damaged. Fahrizad was seriously injured.

Screenshots of Trump retweeted tweets

Details of the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists: truck ejected explosives.

Five militants shot with machine guns. At the time, five militants ambushed in another car around them quickly strafed at the vehicle in Fahrizad, and there was a fierce gun battle between the two sides.

There are many bullet holes in the front window of Fahrizad car.

The unconscious Fahrizad was sent to the hospital by helicopter he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but he was unable to recover.

Screenshot of Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif’s Twitter

Fahrizad, born in 1958, has been living a simple life and hardly going abroad. He is the head of the nuclear program of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei called Fahrizad “an outstanding nuclear energy and defense scientist” in the country. His sudden murder became the fifth person involved in the Iranian nuclear program to be assassinated in the past 10 years.

Fahrizad’s death stimulated the hearts and public opinion of Iran, and is regarded as serious as the assassination of Suleimani, the commander of Iran’s Al-Quds Brigade at the beginning of the year.

Who is the murderer behind the scenes?

After the assassination, Israeli journalists announced the news on Twitter immediately.

And U.S. President Trump also immediately forwarded three tweets in a row, all of which were the news of Fahrizad’s murder. Two were sent by Israeli journalists, one in English, one in Hebrew, and one was a detailed report from the New York Times.

It is also rare for Trump to forward articles from his old rival The New York Times.

One of the tweets Trump forwarded was released by Yossi Melman, a reporter of Haaretz. Melman wrote: “Iran reports have reported that Mawson Fahrizad was assassinated in Damavand, east Tehran.

He is the head of Iran’s secret military project and has been wanted by Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency) for many years. His death is a major blow to Iran, both psychologically and professionally.”

In a speech in 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accused Fahrizad of being the father of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. When playing PPT, he said: Remember the name – Fahrizad.

Retweet is attitude. As early as November 12, Trump gave up this terrible idea after Trump convened a national security meeting and personally proposed a missile attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. After the stunned advisers gave up this terrible idea.

It is generally believed in the West that this is the envoy of the United States and Israel, and the specific implementation of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that Israel participated in the killing of Fahrizad, a famous Iranian nuclear scientist, and this cowardly behavior showed the eager belligerence of the perpetrators.

Iran calls on the international community, especially the European Union, to end their shameful double standards and condemns terrorist acts in this country.

Iranian public opinion also generally believes that Israel is the mastermind behind this incident.

Iranian President Rouhani said in a video cabinet meeting on the 28th that the Iranian people will not fall into Israel’s trap, and that “Iran will certainly respond to the martyrdom of our scientists in due course.”

The Iranian state-run global satellite TV channel in the language accused the Israeli intelligence secret service “Mosad” of murdering the scientist.

A scholar familiar with the Middle East issue of Israeli intelligence services told the Global Times on the 28th that the possibility of this incident coming from Israel is indeed higher.

He said that when Israel released a large number of documents on Iran’s nuclear program in 2018, he named Fahrizad in the name of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was one of the leaders of the program. According to Israeli reports, the scientist ranks first on the list of assassinations of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

According to the BBC, four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated between 2010 and 2012. Iran has always believed that the perpetrators of these four incidents are Israel.

On overseas social media, netizens posted pictures of bleeding and shocking photos, which are in the Martyrs Museum in Tehran, the capital of Iran, which specially displays the cars of Iranian scientists who have been cleared at designated points in recent years.

“Internationally, the most pro-Israeli US President Trump in history is about to step down, and President-designate Biden mentioned the resumption of the Iran nuclear agreement during the election, which has increased Israeli tension and needs to finish everything in the two-month window period before the new president of the United States takes office.”

The above-mentioned scholars said that the use of roadside ambush attacks may be due to Tehran’s strong air defense force. If an attack is launched by drones, once shot down, Iran may get some relevant information from it. In addition, there are many Israeli informants in Iran, and Mossad does not necessarily need to take action himself.

How can Iran retaliate?

According to the general inference of the international community, this is the assassination planned by Mossad. Therefore, Israeli embassies and consulates abroad are on high alert.

In Iran, people’s angry denounces are rising. Two assassinations at the end of the year made the Iranian people completely angry. They took to the streets and shouted anti-American slogans for revenge.

After the incident, hardline protesters rushed outside the Iranian presidential residence and shouted the slogan “Go to war on the United States”. Don’t give in to the United States, don’t give in to the United States, just go to war on the United States!”

In front of the building of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council on Saturday, demonstrators demanded reprisals against the murderers of Iranian nuclear scientists. Video screenshot

There are also signs that say, “Silence is a license for more assassinations” and “Mr. President, they killed your minister’s advisers.” Stop the negotiations.

To hardliners, negotiations are self-deception, and the latest assassination shows that only naive Iran will think that the United States and Israel can be trusted in negotiations.

Hua Liming, the former Chinese ambassador to Iran, analyzed that in this situation, the Iranian government will definitely respond and take revenge to explain to all parties in the country. However, the Iranian government will consider the specific measures and intensity of reprisals very carefully.

“Considering that Biden may continue to push forward nuclear negotiations with Iran after taking office, if Iran’s retaliation is too fierce to trigger a large-scale military conflict or war in the Middle East, the situation may be irreparable, and Iran will gain more than it will lose.”

Hua Liming said. At the same time, he said that it could not be ruled out that the United States and Israel would take more similar actions in the next two months to consolidate the Trump administration’s Middle East policy legacy over the past four years, which will be a great test for the Iranian government.

Judging from the current situation, the United States and Israel are trying to anger Iran. Once the two sides engage in fire, Biden has no way to improve relations. According to the character of the Iranians, it seems impossible to explain to the people without revenge. Now that the United States and Israel have opened the Pandora’s box, war or peace seem to be in a flash.

The international community has called on all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from any action that may lead to an escalation of tension in the region.

At the end of the year, we still hope for world peace again.