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High school students in Paris demonstrate against the opening of school

by YCPress

November 4th. Today, Russian TV reported on the 4th that on the 3rd local time, hundreds of high school students in Paris, France, protested that the school opened due to insufficient pandemic prevention measures.

They blocked the school door with trash cans and were blocked by riot police.

Use tear gas and pepper spray to drive away.

According to reports, on the day before the demonstration, schools across France officially opened, and less than a week ago, France entered a second lockdown due to a surge in confirmed cases of Coronavirus. 

On the 3rd, high school students in Paris blocked the entrances of at least 10 schools with trash cans. The most serious conflict occurred in the Colbert High School in the 10th district and the Sophia-Germain School in the 4th district.

According to the video, a large number of high school students blocked the school gate with trash cans and shouted and shouted, and some people fired fireworks at the school gate. 

Fully armed riot police then rushed to the scene, wearing masks, brandishing shields, and using tear gas to disperse the protest crowd. It is believed that about 60 students were fined for participating in violent demonstrations.

A high school student who participated in the demonstration told the media: “We feel unsafe.

Everyone is crowded in poorly ventilated rooms. Even wearing a mask is not safe.”

Earlier, a French student shared a video showing that on the 3rd.

When school started, the public areas of the school were overcrowded and students did not maintain social distancing.

French President Macron posted a message on social media on November 2 to express his support for the students who resumed classes.

Macron wrote that on the occasion of the health crisis and the highest anti-terrorism alert, “I am thinking about you who are back to school and resuming classes.

As long as you work together, we can overcome (the virus). I know that wearing masks all day is difficult, but what we do The harder you work, the faster your life will return to normal.”

The latest French health data show that France has 36,330 new confirmed cases in a single day on the 3rd, with a total of 1502763 confirmed cases, 854 new deaths, and a total of 38,289 deaths. 

French Health Minister Olivier Wayland said that at the current rate, a Parisian is infected with Coronavirus every 30 seconds, and a patient with Coronavirus is admitted to the hospital every 15 minutes.