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Terrorist attacks in 6 locations in Vienna! Several heavily armed attackers are at large

Austria continues to track down the terrorist attack in Vienna 16 people have been arrested

by YCPress

Austrian officials conducted raids in many parts of the country on the 3rd. As of the evening of the same day, 14 people were arrested in connection with the gunman who carried out the terrorist attack in Vienna on the 2nd. 

In addition, Switzerland arrested two people believed to be in close contact with the terrorist attacks in Vienna that day.

On the evening of the 2nd local time, shootings occurred in many places in the center of Vienna, the Austrian capital, and it was officially announced that this was a terrorist attack. 

As of the evening of the 3rd, 4 people were killed and 23 injured in the terrorist attack. According to the understanding of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, an Austrian Chinese was killed in the attack and a Chinese citizen was slightly injured.

The police shot and killed a suspect on the evening of the 2nd, and investigations into whether there are more suspects are still ongoing.

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation quoted the case investigation progress introduced by Austrian Interior Minister Nehammer at the press conference that day and pointed out that the Austrian police conducted 18 raids in

Vienna, Linz, Sankt Polten and other places that day, arresting 14 people. 

Most of the arrested were 20-year-old suspected acquaintances and friends who were killed on the 2nd.

Swiss Attorney General Karin Keller-Zuter told the Swiss Daily St.

Gallen that the Swiss police arrested two men believed to be closely connected to the suspected terrorist attack in Vienna in Winterthur.

The Swiss Federal Police said on the same day that it is maintaining close communication with the Austrian side on the investigation of the case.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz said that this case cannot rule out the possibility that there is still a second suspect at large. 

He also expressed his concern about subsequent attacks that might imitate the case.