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After the city was shut down due to the pandemic and another attack occurred

Halloween a post on the U.S. pandemic was swiped…

by YCPress

Source This is UnitedStates : Just after Halloween, many people are still immersed in the festive atmosphere and haven’t come out.

Today, I wanted to join in the fun and watch the Halloween anecdote, but I never expected to see a post on the US epidemic that was hotly discussed when I was scanning the forum….

The posts are full of people’s worries about the pandemic:

We are in a storm of exponential growth.

Today is Halloween, which means there will be more parties and more cases.

I have seen many people posting that the confirmed case is not a death. Indeed, since June, there have been about 1,000 deaths every day in the United States, but more importantly, we need to realize that death is not the only consequence of this epidemic.

Death is the worst result for individuals, but the impact of the new crown is continuous and may be a permanent health problem. For the entire country, it is a serious economic impact, more blockades, a decline in the country’s ability to function, and a well-known problem: crazy medical expenses.

Mere death data is not the best way to measure the impact of this epidemic. The recent surge in data is causing more serious consequences.

Some netizens thought of a scene in the game,

Do you remember that in the setting of “Plague Company” (a game), the United States is one of the countries that are more difficult to be infected because it is the first in the world to have “advanced drugs, doctors, and people who follow doctors?” It is recommended to wash your hands frequently”, it was a ridiculously good time.

Record-breaking, first in the world…

These words are a bit dazzling in the festive context:

We want to fight for the first place in everything, it’s so stupid.

Won again! The United States has won so many times that it can’t handle it.

As of 16:30 on November 1st, Eastern Time, the United States had a total of 9187062 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. Compared with 17:30 the previous day, the United States has newly confirmed 82,726 new cases and a total of 230,865 deaths.

Even CNN itself said that since January, the new crown virus has spread to almost every area of ​​the United States:

9187062, 82726, 230865…

Do you think this is scary?

Looking at the data from the previous few days, it can be described as “trembling”…

On October 31, the eve of Halloween, the total number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States exceeded 9.1 million and 230,281 deaths.

On October 30, the United States reported 99,750 new confirmed cases of new crowns. This is not only the highest single-day record since the outbreak in the United States, but also the US has more than 90,000 new confirmed cases in a single day for two consecutive days… Of new cases in a single day in a country!

Not only that, 1009 new deaths were reported on October 30. This is more than 1,000 new deaths in a single day in the United States for 3 consecutive days. The current average number of new deaths in a single day is about 800…

According to data from the National Epidemic Tracking Project initiated by the US “Atlantic Monthly”, the current increase in the number of new crown cases in the United States far exceeds the increase in the number of tests.

“The New York Times” also specially published a schematic diagram, which is shocking:

It can be seen from the above chart that the United States has experienced three peaks so far, but one wave is higher than the other, and it is now in the third wave.

Experts warn that the surge in newly confirmed cases may exceed the carrying capacity of medical institutions, leading to a rapid increase in the death toll.

Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine at George Washington University, said in an interview with CNN on October 31 that “the nearly 100,000 new cases in the next two weeks will begin to translate into a large number of deaths.”

It is believed that in the next two to three weeks, the number of new deaths in the United States per day may rise to 2,000.

Not only that, on November 1, Halloween in United States, there was a picture like this:

Some businesses slogans like this: “No Halloween is needed this year, 2020 is scary enough.”

This year’s Halloween is really special…

This is the worst Halloween.

Under this tweet, all netizens agreed with:

Seriously, why don’t everyone pretend to be the new crown virus on Halloween? Is there anything more scary than this in 2020?

If you went to a Halloween party last night, you’d better take a test and self-isolate. There are 100,000 confirmed cases in one day on Friday. Don’t let an irresponsible choice become a lot of irreversible backs. Many people are leaving.

Not only Halloween, Thanksgiving is coming, and Christmas is not far away…