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Guatemala Pacaya volcano erupts and parks are difficult to open due to pandemic

Guatemala Pacaya volcano erupts and parks are difficult to open due to pandemic

by YCPress

Pacaya Volcano Park (Pacaya), a well-known scenic spot in Guatemala, is approaching the volcanic eruption period.

In the face of rare tourism opportunities, local people and tourism organizations can’t wait to ask the government to open it. park. It is reported that the park has been closed since the local outbreak of Pandemic, and it has been more than seven months.

On October 25, local time, the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala had frequent activities, and the flames splashed in the dark night.

According to reports, Pacaya Volcano is one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala and the most popular attraction for tourists. At least 450 families in the nearby towns have their income directly from this place. 

However, since the outbreak of the Pandemic in Guatemala in March 2020, the park has been closed to welcome guests and has not yet opened for business.

Local people and tourism associations protested this, “Since October 1, many areas of the country have restarted, and we urgently need the Pacaya Volcano Park to reopen.” They also proposed that they hope to open the scenic spot on October 30 . 

But a tourism practitioner said that now the Ministry of Health still needs to formulate an open anti-Pandemic charter, “Everything is still unknown.”

The Guatemala National Natural Disaster Coordinating Committee (Conred) pointed out that compared to the other two active volcanoes in the territory, the lava river of Pacaya Volcano is the most suitable for viewing.

The lava river can flow 5 to 10 kilometers per hour. According to the agency, active volcanoes erupt in cycles. The last eruption of Pacaya volcano dates back to May 27, 2010.

At present, the volcano is approaching the eruption point again, and the air in the towns near the volcano has been floating in the air. dust. Therefore, the local tourism industry can’t wait to open their doors for business, otherwise they will lose this excellent business opportunity.

The person in charge of Pacaya Volcano Park also said, “In addition to tourists, visiting scholars, researchers, and even religious people come here to hold ceremonies, but all of this came to an abrupt end with the pandemic.”

Recently, the Ministry of Health of Guatemala stated that the second round of the country’s Coronavirus Pandemic will arrive between November and December, which has cast a shadow over the opening of Pacaya Volcano Park.