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Greek Interior Minister quarantined restaurant retail stores expected to reopen in December

Greek Interior Minister quarantined restaurant retail stores expected to reopen in December

by YCPress

November 17 According to the Greece report, on the evening of November 16, local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY) announced that Greece had a total of 76,403 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and a total of 1,165 deaths. The Greek Interior Minister Theozorikakos has been in self-isolation since November 15 due to contact with a person infected with Coronavirus.

According to reports, Theozoricacos’ previous nucleic acid test results were negative. The Ministry of the Interior said that for security reasons, all its staff will be tested for the new coronavirus.

On November 7, local time, in Athens, Greece, a cat strolled on an empty commercial street. In order to contain Coronavirus pandemic, from 6 a.m. local time on the 7th, Greece has entered a three-week lockdown state.

Northern Greece has become the most severely affected area in the country. Medical experts believe that how the Attica region, where the capital Athens is located, will respond to the results of the second wave of the pandemic will be a key factor in Greece’s ultimate victory over the pandemic. This is because the medical resources in Attica are relatively sufficient to receive patients with Coronavirus from other regions.

But because Attica is the most densely populated area in Greece, once the number of cases surges, it may push the national health care system to the brink of collapse. Due to the increasing number of hospital admissions and critically ill patients, almost all hospitals in northern Greece are operating at full capacity. Although the transmission rate of the virus has dropped slightly in recent days, the government is concerned that there is a greater possibility that “the situation will deteriorate” before the virus is effectively controlled.

Pagona Racho, professor of hygiene and epidemiology, said that if the current lockdown measures cannot effectively contain the spread of the virus, the number of new cases in the next phase will increase significantly.

During the complete lockdown, the work and income of a large number of retail and catering practitioners have been affected. Food stores, pharmacies and auto repair shops must close at 8.30pm. When they can resume work is their biggest concern. Greek Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Papathanassis said on the 16th that the government plans to allow retail stores and restaurants to reopen from December 1. However, he pointed out that the prerequisite for the reopening of the industry is that the pandemic has entered a stable state and the transmission rate has declined.

Greece’s Minister of Health, Kykilias, previously talked about whether the total blockade will be extended on November 30. He said: “If the number of new infections per day drops below 500 by November 30, we can gradually and carefully remove these measures, and the people should continue to protect themselves.”

In addition, in order to better prevent and control the pandemic and track infected persons, the National Public Health Organization’s new coronavirus mobile detection team was in Trikala, Tirnavos, Andros, Kalamata and Xan on the 16th. West provides rapid testing services for local people.