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Greece extends the lockdown period and plans to achieve universal vaccination by the end of June 2021

by YCPress

November 27 According to a report by the China-Greek Times, on the 26th local time, Greek government spokesman Pesas announced at a press conference that Greece will extend the national blockade to 6 a.m. on December 7 due to the high number of severe patients and deaths caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

As of November 26th local time, a total of 99,306 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and a total of 2001 deaths in Greece.

“From the current relevant epidemiological data, the virus has not yet been contained,” Pesas said. The situation of the epidemic in Thessaloniki, Ceres, Larissa, Aetolá-Acanania, Lesbos and Ahaia in particular are very worrying, so the extension of the lockdown measures is a must-have.”

On the issue of gradual lifting, he said that there are preliminary signs that the number of new infections has begun to decline, and if this good momentum continues, the pressure on the health care system will be reduced. At that time, the government can formulate a corresponding unblocking plan according to the specific situation.

In addition, Pesas said that if everything goes well, Greece will have enough coronavirus vaccines by March 2021 to provide 2.1 million people a month. Greece aims to achieve universal vaccination by the end of June 2021.

Although the coronavirus epidemic in northern Greece shows signs of easing from before, the number of new patients and severe cases continues to increase, local hospitals are still under great pressure to admit them.

On the morning of the 26th local time, a C-130 transport plane of the Greek Air Force took off from Elefsina Air Force Base in Athens to the northern city of Cavala, from which three patients from Drama were transferred to three hospitals in Athens for treatment.

This is also the first time that Greece has used aircraft to transport patients during the second wave of epidemic. In addition to using aircraft to transport patients, the Greek health authorities are currently working with the National Railway Operation Company to modify a train to meet the standards used to transport patients specifically with COVID-19. After it is put into use, the train will specially transport the non-severe COVID-19 patients of Thessaloniki to Athens for treatment.

According to media reports, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis will make a speech next week, expounding the government’s plan to lift the blockade before Christmas. It is predicted that the government will first allow seasonal stores to open so that people can purchase necessary goods before the holiday. Next, retail stores will also be allowed to reopen.

At present, the government medical expert committee has not agreed on the specific opening dates of schools and restaurants. However, it is certain that all entertainment venues will not be allowed to open until Christmas. At the same time, travel between different regions will still be restricted.