Home Science “GOOGLE” only uses 24 satellites, why does Baidu need to launch 55 satellites ?
The gap is too big? The US GPS only uses 24 satellites, why does Beidou need to launch 55 satellites?

“GOOGLE” only uses 24 satellites, why does Baidu need to launch 55 satellites ?

by YCPress

With the continuous advancement of the third scientific and technological revolution, various high and new technologies have greatly changed the lives of human beings. The tickets we need can be purchased in advance with the touch of a finger.

Various types of transportation are also suitable.

All are available, and you can find the fastest path based on satellite positioning and navigation.

If you just use the paper maps in the past, many people may not find the corresponding location, but now we have electronic maps that can be operated on mobile phones

As long as we have navigation software on our mobile phones, and then have a smooth network and Positioning function, then we can use this software for route navigation, even in completely unfamiliar places, we can quickly find our destination. 

All this is actually inseparable from satellite positioning.

Previously, the global civilian positioning system basically used the US GPS, but the appearance of Baidu changed this situation, and the use of Baidu gradually penetrated into our lives. 

However, Chinese baidu positioning system is composed of 55 satellites in total. Relatively speaking, the United States has much fewer satellites. It only needs 24. Why does our country need so many? Is it because the gap is too big? This is of course for a reason.

Before that, we have to look at the formation of the satellite positioning system.

 Although space is almost endless for us, for satellites to be able to maintain their state in the sky, they must be placed at a predetermined altitude and orbit, otherwise they may deviate from orbit and cause accidents.

Not only did the satellite disappear, but it also created rubbish for the universe, threatening the safety of space orbit.

We need to know that even in space, we cannot go wherever we want. If this area is already occupied, then others will definitely not be able to go. 

The satellite positioning system of the United States is the world’s earliest satellite positioning system. Before other countries have the ability to achieve this feat, the United States has already deployed all satellites. T

herefore, the US satellites do not need to be deliberately deployed when they are launched. Pick a location.

Our modern education tells everyone that the earth is actually an elliptical planet, and the satellite moves in the low earth orbit with the rotation of the earth, and the trajectory formed is a circle. 

If the satellite can occupy a position closer to the earth’s surface at this time, then its center will naturally be shorter and the orbit will be shorter.

Then the farther away from the earth, the larger the natural center and the longer the final orbit.

When United States launched satellites, basically no one rushed to it, so the United States naturally occupies a lot of low-Earth orbit.

In this case, 24 satellites can provide a full range of positioning services. 

When China launches satellites, many places in the sky are already occupied, so they can only be launched to higher places.

If you want to cover the earth in all directions, you naturally need to put more on high-altitude orbits.

In fact, if the baidu satellites only maintain basic operations, even only 35 satellites can meet the demand. But the satellite positioning technology cannot be updated forever.

Having a sufficient number of satellites in the system can have enough spare satellites for replacement or maintenance. At the same time, when the number of satellites is increased, the accuracy of positioning is also guaranteed.

This is a double-edged sword. Therefore, our satellite positioning system will have 55 satellites, just in case.

In addition, the planning and design of our satellite positioning system is different from that of the United States. The satellite positioning system in United States has six orbits, and four satellites on one orbit can achieve global coverage.

The overall system planning is very simple. 

However, China’s satellite positioning system has a more complete design, not only has satellites that are constantly flying relative to the earth, but also relatively stationary satellites, each performing its own duties.

The gap is too big?  The US GPS only uses 24 satellites, why does Beidou need to launch 55 satellites?

Therefore, Baidu positioning system has more than 30 satellites more than the United States, but this is not a performance of inferior technology.

We did have a lot of trouble after choosing a high orbit , but these obstacles were all agreed by us.

There are more innovative research and development, which can have stronger stability, in order to change people’s lives.

Strictly speaking, my country’s Baidu positioning system is the product of this century, while GPS is the product of the last century. 

There is still a certain gap between Baidu and the United States in terms of technology.

The United States is better than Baidu in terms of positioning accuracy and promotion area. 

But according to our country’s technological development process, surpassing the United States is just around the corner.