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Global paralysis of Google services, Gmail, YouTube are affected

by YCPress

December 14, Google suffered a global paralysis. Its Gmail mailbox, Google Calendar, video site YouTube and other services were all affected, but most of the search engine business was still intact.

According to the British “Guardian” report that day, the widespread paralysis of Google’s services began at approximately 11:50 am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on December 14, affecting most of the company’s services. 

Despite the widespread service interruption, Google’s company’s automated system still reported that there were no problems with any services until the service was interrupted for 30 minutes, including consumer services and cloud services for developers.

At 12:25, Google finally discovered the problem and said publicly: “We found a problem… Most users are affected, and affected users cannot access Google services.

The Guardian reported that Google’s problem appears to be related to the company’s identity verification tool, which manages how users log in to services run by Google and third-party developers. 

This means that tools that cannot be used without logging in, such as Gmail mailbox and Google Calendar, will be completely unavailable. 

In the third-party service logged in through the Google identity verification platform, if the user has already logged in, it can be used normally, but it cannot be used if it needs to log in again.

However, even if you have logged in with a Google account, the service of the video website YouTube is completely unavailable. Users can only access the site through the “private browsing” mode, thus using the site in logout mode.

For users who use Google Suite to work, the service interruption has seriously affected their normal office work.

In addition to email communication, Google Suite also involves the company’s internal chat application Chat and Meet, as well as all work done through Google documents (doc), forms (sheets) and slides (slides). 

Some users who use third-party office applications are also affected, such as the internal chat tool Slack under Salesforce. Users can only chat with colleagues who have logged in at the time of the interruption.

For people who work from home, the paralysis of Google services has also affected Google’s smart home services, including Google Home smart speakers, Nest thermostats and smoke alarms.

They can only operate in a safe mode under failure, and users cannot access services and change settings through the app.