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Global Pandemic A total of 43.3 million confirmed cases worldwide

Global Pandemic A total of 43.3 million confirmed cases worldwide

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 26th. Worldometer website real-time statistics show that as of about 6:30 on October 26, Beijing time, a total of 43,302,297 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, a total of 1,158,368 deaths, and more than 10,000 confirmed cases in 110 countries .

The global epidemic continues to spread. One of the staff of Vice President Pence of the United States tested positive for Covid-19. The latest Brazilian survey showed that the positive rate was as high as 22%.

The epidemic in Europe continued to rebound, and the number of new additions in a single day in France reached a new high. The President of Poland Duda’s coronavirus test result was positive;

in Africa, WHO said that African countries have been actively fighting the epidemic, and the number of infected people has not increased exponentially; in Asia, Tokyo, Japan, a total of more than 30,000 cases have been confirmed, and Waseda and other universities have broken out Mass infection, mass infection in high-risk places in South Korea has become the main reason for the increase in cases.

Americas: U.S. Vice President Pence’s staff confirmed that Brazil’s positive rate was as high as 22%

United States

According to Worldometer’s real-time statistics, as of about 6:30 on October 26, Beijing time, a total of 8,884,807 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in United States, and a total of 230,482 deaths. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 65,392 new confirmed cases and 472 new deaths in the United States.

On the 24th local time, Bloomberg White House correspondent Jennifer Jacobs (Jennifer Jacobs) posted on social media that Marty Obst, Senior Political Advisor to Vice President Pence, tested positive for the Covid-19. The reporter said that Matti Obst is one of the closest political advisers to US Vice President Pence. The last time he contacted Pence was about a week ago, but he was not close to Pence at that time.


According to the latest data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health on the evening of October 25, local time, there were 13,493 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country in a single day, and a total of 5,394,128 confirmed cases; 231 new deaths and a total of 157,134 deaths. At present, Brazil still ranks third in the world with confirmed cases, second only to the United States and India.

According to the latest survey results of the Brazilian National Geographic and Statistics Bureau, as of September, 21.9 million people (equivalent to 10.4% of the country’s total population) have been tested for coronavirus. Among them, 4.8 million people tested positive, that is, 22.1%.

On October 23, local time, the Brazilian Health Inspection Agency issued a statement stating that it had authorized the Butantan Institute, Brazil’s top biomedical research center, to import 6 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from China’s Coxing Pharmaceutical Company. The Brazilian Health Inspection Agency stated that the “CoronaVac” vaccine developed by China Kexing Company is still in Phase III clinical trials (ie large-scale volunteer trials) in Brazil and has not been registered and widely used in Brazil.

Europe: Polish President Duda diagnosed with France’s largest increase in a single day

As of about 6:30 on October 26, Beijing time, real-time statistics on the Worldometer website show that 48 European countries and regions have reported 8,392,261 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 250,386 deaths. Data shows that Russia, France and Spain are still the three countries with the largest number of confirmed cases in Europe.

On October 24, local time, Polish Presidential Spokesperson Baej Spychalski confirmed on social media that Polish President Duda tested positive for Covid-19 on the 23rd. He said that the president feels good and has been in contact with relevant medical departments.

According to data released by the French Public Health Agency on the evening of the 24th, as of 2 o’clock in the afternoon of the same day, 45,422 newly diagnosed cases of Coronavirus in France had reached a new high in a single day. In response to the worsening epidemic, the French government decided to expand the curfew area. Based on the curfew in the Île-de-France region and other places, it will impose a six-week curfew on another 38 provinces and French Polynesia from 0:00 on the 24th. So far, this curfew has covered 54 of the 101 provinces in France, involving about 46 million people.

Africa: WHO says that African countries are actively fighting the epidemic and the number of infected people has not increased exponentially

As of around 6:30 on October 26, Beijing time, real-time statistics on the Worldometer website show that 57 countries and regions in Africa have reported 1,727,336 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 41,310 deaths. The top three countries with confirmed cases are South Africa, Morocco, and Egypt.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said recently that the number of new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Africa is on a downward trend, and the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is “pleasant”. World Health Organization Africa Regional Director Morty said that since the outbreak, Africa has not seen the exponential increase in the number of infected people that many people initially worried about.

Analysis believes that the active improvement of detection, protection and treatment capabilities in African countries is an important factor in effectively fighting the epidemic. In February of this year, only two laboratories in South Africa and Senegal were able to detect the Coronavirus on the African continent, and there are currently more than 750 laboratories in Africa that can detect the virus. According to statistics from the WHO Regional Office for Africa, there are currently 12 laboratories in Africa that meet the WHO testing standards. So far, more than 15 million people have been tested for the new coronavirus across the African continent. The number of hospital beds in Africa capable of treating patients with new coronary pneumonia increased from about 13,000 in April this year to 43,000 in August. More than 150,000 health workers have received training in infection prevention and control by WHO and related institutions.

Asia: An outbreak of mass infections in Waseda and other universities in Japan and South Korea’s nursing facilities became the main source of transmission


According to the latest data released by the Indian Ministry of Health on the 25th, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus pneumonia in India rose to 7,864,811. In the past 24 hours, India has newly confirmed 50,129 new cases; 578 new deaths and a total of 118,534 deaths.

In all administrative regions, there are currently 18 states and regions with confirmed cases exceeding 100,000. Among them, the most severe cases were Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. According to the latest data released by the Medical Research Council of India, as of October 25, India had tested more than 100 million new coronavirus test samples, of which more than 1.14 million samples were tested on the 25th.


According to Japan’s NHK TV station, as of 18:30 on the 24th local time, Japan has reported 490 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus, a total of 97,215 confirmed cases (plus the “Diamond Princess” confirmed cases totaling 97,927), and 6 new deaths Cases, a total of 1720 deaths.

On the 25th local time, 124 new cases of Coronavirus were newly confirmed in Tokyo, Japan, with a total of more than 30,000 confirmed cases. Mass infections related to sports clubs occurred in many universities in Tokyo, and most of the confirmed cases were boarding students. The most serious epidemic is in Japanese universities. The volleyball club, karate club and fencing club all have confirmed patients. So far, 66 people have been diagnosed. The sports clubs of Hosei University and Waseda University also had mass infections. The men’s football club of Hosei University confirmed 20 people and the men’s ice hockey club of Waseda University confirmed 6 people.


South Korea’s Central Anti-epidemic Countermeasures Headquarters reported on the 25th that as of 0:00 that day, South Korea had newly confirmed 61 new cases of Covid-19 compared to 0:00 the previous day, and a total of 25,836 confirmed cases.

Yoon Taeho, head of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Team of South Korea’s Central Emergency Response Headquarters, said at a regular press conference a few days ago that mass infections in high-risk places such as nursing homes have become the main reason for the increase in cases. The epidemic prevention department warned that under the current epidemic prevention response level, epidemic prevention work must not be taken lightly.

Autumn and winter are the seasons for the high incidence of influenza. Taking into account the Covid-19 this year, many medical experts urge people to get influenza vaccination before the arrival of the flu season to avoid a “double epidemic” of Covid-19 and influenza. However, South Korea’s flu vaccine is experiencing a “vaccine storm”. According to a report from the Korean Disease Management Agency on the 24th, as of 13:00 local time on the 24th, the number of deaths in Korea after being vaccinated with influenza has risen to 48. In addition, South Korea reported a case of highly pathogenic avian influenza on the 25th, the first in 32 months.

Confirmed cases in other countries

Asian, except India, Japan, and South Korea; Singapore has confirmed 57,970 cases; Israel has confirmed 309,413 cases…

Oceanian, Australia has confirmed 27513 cases; New Zealand has confirmed 1935 cases…

American, with the exception of the United States and Brazil, Peru has confirmed 886,214 cases, and Chile has confirmed 502,063 cases…

(Source: Worldmeter data, official website of Ministry of Health of India, official website of Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, official website of Ministry of Health of Pakistan.)