Home Politics Germany’s ruling party’s candidate for chancellor remains ‘difficult’
Germany's ruling party's candidate for chancellor remains 'difficult'

Germany’s ruling party’s candidate for chancellor remains ‘difficult’

by YCPress

German media reported on the afternoon of April 19 local time, Germany’s ruling party, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition party as of the time of writing still can not finalize its candidate for chancellor.

The CDU and its sister party, the CDU, had hoped to make a decision on the issue by the end of the week, but coordination within the party has so far failed to produce tangible results, given the strong will expressed by both CDU President Rasheter and CDU President Soder as candidates for prime minister.

Media reports said that on the evening of April 18, Rasheed and Soder held three-and-a-half hours of talks in Berlin, but no agreement was reached. Rasheed immediately announced that the CDU Bureau will be held on the evening of the 19th special session to seek a solution.

“We’ve talked a lot these days and our goal is to lead the Coalition to victory in the general election,” he said. Soder said at a press conference on the afternoon of the 19th: “If the CDU makes a clear decision tonight, then we will accept.”

The CDU is the majority party in the coalition and I respect any decision. ”

Mr Soder’s supporters are understood to have urged a meeting of the Coalition’s Bundestag caucus to vote to resolve the dispute. Mr Soder has also received more support within the CDU, according to sources.

But there are also many voices within the party opposed to voting for candidates. Fry, vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Alliance Party, admitted that every effort should be made to avoid the situation because “it is not only bad for the parliamentary caucus, it is bad for both of them.” CDU Secretary-General Reinberg even called on Soder to quit immediately.

“I hope Soder announces his withdrawal today, and the CDU has made it clear that it wants Rashet to be a candidate for prime minister,” he said. We must make a decision as soon as possible, or the negative impact on the coalition party as a whole will continue to increase.”