Home Politics Germany has another 500 kilograms of World War II bomb remnants, nearly 13,000 people were evacuated urgently
Germany has another 500 kilograms of World War II bomb remnants, nearly 13,000 people were evacuated urgently

Germany has another 500 kilograms of World War II bomb remnants, nearly 13,000 people were evacuated urgently

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Associated Press on the 7th, German explosives experts have successfully dismantled and disposed of a 500 kg of the country’s World War II bomb on the 6th local time. According to the report, about 13,000 residents in the nearby area were evacuated urgently while the bomb removal work was under way.

The Associated Press reported that German explosives experts successfully dismantled the 500kg bomb in Frankfurt that day. The report mentioned that the bomb was left here during World War II and was found during construction on the 3rd.

The report mentioned that when experts in Hesse, Germany, were dismantling the bomb, about 13,000 people were evacuated from the Gallus area of the city, and trains stopped entering the area.

The report also quoted the German News Agency as saying that the bomb was found during the construction on the 3rd. Experts estimated that it would take at least six hours to dismantle the bomb, but the experts completed the demolition in less than two hours.

The report mentioned that in the evening of the same day, Deutsche Bahn said that the train resumed operation and nearby residents also returned to their homes.

The report concluded that even in the 75 years after the end of World War II, such a discovery was still common in Germany. Last year, Frankfurt, Germany, evacuated 16,000 people to dismantle a World War II bomb. It is reported that the bomb weighs 500 kilograms and was found at the construction site near the ECB building. The relevant departments prepared for several days to dismantle the bomb.

Because evacuation affects intercity traffic, trams and buses are restricted.

Original title: Germany found 500 kilograms of unexploded bombs, and 13,000 people were evacuated urgently.

Unexploded bombs (AP) discovered in Frankfurt, Germany

Overseas Network, December 7th – On theĀ 6th, local time, an unexploded bomb dropped by the British army during World War II was found in Frankfurt, Germany, weighing 500 kilograms. In order to safely dismantle the bomb, the local government urgently evacuated about 13,000 people.

Local police are evacuating people (Frankfurt report)

According to AFP on the 6th, this is a British-made aerial bomb, which was found at a construction site. Local fire departments assessed that if the bomb exploded carelessly, it could cause great damage to the surrounding area.

Starting from 8 a.m. on the same day, the local government evacuated about 13,000 people in the surrounding area, and some trains were diverted or delayed. The bomb disposal was originally expected to take five hours, but it took experts less than two hours to avert the risk.

German cities (EPA) bombed in World War II

Germany was bombed by more than 1.5 million tons of bombs during World War II, killing more than 600,000 people. According to German official statistics, more than 10% of the bombs failed to detonate successfully and were buried underground as unexploded bombs.

Frankfurt has also found unexploded bombs many times in the past. In September 2017, a giant bomb weighing about 1.8 tons was even found, and 65,000 Frankfurters were evacuated urgently. It was also the largest public evacuation operation in Germany since the end of World War II in 1945.