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German media: Why didn't China have a second wave of pandemic ?

German media: Why didn’t China have a second wave of pandemic ?

by YCPress

German media: Why didn’t China have a second wave of pandemic ?

Recently, Coronavirus pandemic is still raging on the land of Europe. The second wave of pandemic has come so fiercely. Germany announced that it will “close the city” again and implement “restrictive quarantine” across the territory. Restaurants, shops, and shops that have just opened recently Bars and other places have no choice but to close their doors again. 

China has perfectly contained the second wave of rebound of the pandemic, and the people have gradually returned to their normal lives. This is a huge contrast to the situation in Europe. 

On the 2nd, German media published a commentary on ” Why the Second Wave of Pandemic Didn’t Occur in China”, which received widespread attention in Germany.

The German pandemic broke out again and began to implement “restrictive quarantine”

After the outbreak of the pandemic, the German government attached great importance to it and adopted a series of targeted measures to control the spread of the pandemic. The pandemic showed signs of improvement. With the opening of the economy and market, the pandemic has formed a strong rebound effect.

The results of hard work seem to be lost in an instant. According to the latest pandemic data from the German disease control agency on the 12th, the German pandemic is still severe.

The number of new confirmed cases of Coronavirus pandemic in Germany in a single day exceeds 10,000, and there are more than 720,000 cases of Coronavirus infections, with a total of 11,000 deaths. It can be seen from the data that Coronavirus pandemic has brought severe damage to Germany.

Under this circumstance, in order to protect people’s lives and health, German Chancellor Merkel announced that Germany will implement “restrictive isolation” from November 2 to the end of November, hoping to curb the development of the pandemic through effective isolation policies. 

Under the new quarantine policy, gatherings in public places must be controlled within 10 people. Public service industries such as restaurants and bars are closed again. Primary and secondary schools can operate normally under the strict requirements of the pandemic.

Supermarkets and other places where people buy necessities can also operate.

German media published an article to explore the reasons why China did not break out again

The situation in China is diametrically opposed to the situation in Germany. People have gradually returned to their normal lives, economic activities have been carried out in an orderly manner, and people in cinemas, bars, and shopping malls are in an endless stream. 

And how did China control the spread of Coronavirus pandemic? The German media issued enviable questions. A media worker published an article on the German television station “Why did the second wave of pandemic occur in China”.

China has used these methods to effectively prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, and the confirmed cases have been at a low level for several weeks. Whenever an pandemic situation occurs, the government responds quickly and supports unprecedented levels. 

After the outbreak in Xinjiang, the lockdown policy and full-scale testing were immediately launched. All people were mobilized. In just a few days, more than 4 million people completed nucleic acid testing, which was shocking. In addition, by accurately tracking the trajectory of the pandemic infection, expanding surveillance capabilities, and strengthening personal protection, China has meticulously implemented pandemic prevention and control to all aspects.