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Egyptian helicopter crash killed 7 people 5 of them is Americans

8 dead in helicopter crash in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

by YCPress

8 dead in helicopter crash in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

Cairo, November 12 The “Multinational Forces and Observers” stationed in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt issued a

statement on the 12th that a helicopter took place during a routine mission near

Sharm el-Sheikh in the southern Sinai Peninsula. 8 people died in the crash.

The statement said that of the nine people on board, six American soldiers, one French soldier and one

Czech soldier were killed in the accident. One American soldier survived the accident and was subsequently sent to hospital for treatment. 

“Multinational Forces and Observers” will investigate the cause of the accident. There is currently no information showing that this was not an accident.

The U.S. Department of Defense issued a statement that day confirming that six U.S. soldiers and two partner countries were killed in the crash, and stated that the U.S.

is in close communication with “multinational forces and observers” and is ready to provide support for related investigations.

The “multinational forces and observers” stationed in the Sinai Peninsula are mainly responsible for overseeing the implementation of the 1979 peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. 

The agency’s official website shows that the “Multinational Forces and Observers” currently participates in 13 countries

with a total of 1,156 people, of which 454 are US military personnel.

The anti-terrorism situation in Egypt has been severe in recent years.

Attacks against military police and civilians have often occurred in the northern part of the

Sinai Peninsula and the western desert area adjacent to Libya.