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Germany is about to set up a military-led epidemic crisis response team

German Federal Minister of Health Spahn and others called for a curfew

by YCPress

April 9th local time, German Federal Minister of Health Spahn said at a joint press conference in Berlin that due to the impact of traditional holidays, the current infection statistics are not reliable. To prevent a third wave of the epidemic, social life must be restricted and curfews must be imposed: “This is the only way to fight the third wave. Our intensive care unit has more than 4,500 patients, and if this situation continues, the health system will be overwhelmed.”

Willer, director of the Robert Koch Institute of the German disease control agency, said at a press conference that the statistics are not expected to return to normal until the middle of next week. He once again called on all sectors of society to take the current epidemic seriously: “There are more and more young people who are sick, and the occupancy of intensive care beds is also increasing.”

On the 9th local time, Marquez, president of the German Intensive Care Association, called again: “We need strict blockade measures to control infection, and it makes no sense to consider open model pilots now.” He said that 80 to 100 patients need intensive care treatment every day. In that way, Germany’s intensive care unit occupancy will exceed 5,000 by the end of April.” Such a figure is too high.