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French woman declared “dead” three years ago has not yet proved alive

by YCPress

According to the French newspaper Figaro on the 13th, Jeanne Boucher, a 50-year-old French woman, lost almost all her social identity because she was declared “dead” by the court three years ago. Now her life is struggling.

According to Boucher, she suddenly received an official letter from the Lyon court in 2017, stating that Boucher was “dead” and asked her relatives to pay her debts.” My relatives know I’m still alive, but at the judicial level, I’m ‘dead’.” Boucher has so far no idea how the authorities made such a mistake.

She has been trying to reverse the court’s death decision since 2017, but all efforts have not worked, and she is still unable to prove that she is “living”.

Boucher, who was caught in a “legal death”, now lives in a nightmare: she can’t drive without a social security number, her driver’s license is invalid, and she dares not even go shopping in stores.

According to AFP, according to the French Social Security Agency, all the identity files in Boucher have disappeared “permanently”. Currently, she is filing a civil lawsuit “the court ruled that death is invalidated” through her lawyer, “I hope the state can return my identity”.