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French National Assembly passes “anti-secessionist bill” amid controversy

by YCPress

February 17, the French National Assembly passed the “Act to Strengthen Compliance with the Principles of the Republic” submitted by the French government in December with 347 in favor, 151 against and 65 abstentions.

The bill, also known as the “Anti-Secessionist Bill”, aims to oppose religious extremists. Yi. The bill has caused considerable controversy in France since its introduction. Eventually, the bill contained 70 articles and 2,650 amendments.

In terms of content, the bill includes regulating family education, promoting the principle of neutrality in the public service, resisting cyber violence, regulating associations and strengthening the supervision of the source of funds of religious organizations.

Among them, the bill specifically creates the crime of disclosing the privacy of others and causing danger to others.

AFP reported that the National Assembly had been debating the relevant content of the bill for 135 hours.

According to previous official statements, the bill does not target any religion. Next, the bill will be reviewed by the French Senate from March 30 to April 8.

China News Service said that the bill was proposed by the government after the killing of French teacher Samuel Patti by extremists last October. Patty’s murder aroused a strong response from all walks of life in France.

French President Macron pointed out that Patti represents the secular values of the French Republic; French officials will strengthen the fight against religious extremism by legal means.