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Many people have adverse reactions. A U.S. hospital suspends medical staff from vaccinating against the novel coronavirus.

France will pilot three large-scale COVID-19 tests

by YCPress

Paris, December 2 French Prime Minister Castel said in an interview with local media on the 2nd that France will soon carry out three large-scale coronavirus testing pilots in some urban areas to better understand the current epidemic.

Caste said, “We will try to carry out large-scale virus testing in quite densely populated urban areas”, just as Liverpool or Slovakia pilot city-wide or universal COVID-19 testing, “to better understand which residential areas, types of people or places of life are most affected by the novel coronavirus. Serious and learn from it the lessons of treatment and prevention.”

The exact location of large-scale COVID-19 testing in France has not yet been determined, and Castel said the selection criteria are “that the area must have a considerable number of people and a certain population density”.

According to French media reports, large-scale virus testing may be carried out before Christmas, but it is still uncertain. Castell said that the government is preparing for the relevant work.

Data released on the French government website on the 1st showed that France has confirmed a total of 22,30,571 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 53,506 deaths. At present, 27,639 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in hospitals, of which 3,605 are being treated in intensive care units.