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France spends 1 billion euros to deal with cyber attacks. Macron said he would not give in.

by YCPress

February 19 According to the European Times, recently, at a critical juncture in France’s anti-epidemic work, there have been a series of cyber attacks against French hospitals.

French President Macron heard a briefing on February 18 local time and approved a plan to spend 1 billion euros to strengthen the network security of sensitive systems.

It is reported that the central hospital in Dax, southwest France, was attacked by a large-scale cyber attack on February 8; on February 15, the central hospital of the city of Liberty upon Saône in the eastern city was also attacked on a large scale.

In response, Macron hosted a videoconference on the morning of February 18 and heard the descriptions of the two events by doctors and managers in two hospitals: at that time, the entire information system was almost paralyzed, patient profiles and management data were inaccessible, telephones could not be connected, surgical instruments could not be operated, beds and The attending physician could not be assigned, and the medical staff were forced to pick up the pen and paper again and solve the problem with various notes, hand-drawn schedules and appointment registers, but some surgical operations were postponed and patients were diverted to other hospitals.

According to the report, after the incident, the French National Information Security Agency sent a working group to the hospital to help restore the information network and restore data.

However, it may take several weeks to get the whole system back to normal operation.

Macron said that during the coronavirus epidemic, this kind of cyber attack caused a “crisis crisis”.

He also stressed that hospitals, like other administrative agencies, have strict instructions that they should never pay the ransom required by hackers.

Macron revealed that the government has planned to raise 1 billion euros (of which 720 million is public funds) to strengthen cybersecurity, and welcomed the upcoming “cyber campus” project in La Défense, which brings together more than 60 public and private institutions in the field of cyber security to create a “more cohesive and more An efficient and safe ecosystem”.

According to the introduction, France has suffered a large number of cyber attacks since 2018, and France suffered four times more cyber attacks in 2020, with 11 percent targeting the hospital system.

In addition to hospitals, local government departments and companies are also targeted by cyber attacks.

Small-scale hacking against individuals has also increased significantly.