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Mikheil Saakashvili

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili “infected by coronavirus”and also “allows the people to take part in the protest”

by YCPress

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili “infected by coronavirus and also allows the people to take part in the protest”

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] “Don’t worry about contracting coronavirus, you should actively participate in large-scale protests and demonstrations.” In the context of the increasingly severe situation in Georgia, the former President of Georgia and the current Chairman of the Ukrainian Reform Executive Committee Saakashvili 4 Japan called on the public to actively participate in the rally to protest against the ruling party’s fraudulent behavior in the just held parliamentary election.

However, in an interview with reporters on the 4th, Saakashvili admitted that he had been infected with coronavirus.

RIA Novosti reported on the 5th that Saakashvili told his supporters in an interview with the media on the 4th: “A few weeks ago, I was infected with mild coronavirus. I am an asymptomatic infected person, just undergoing an antibody test. I learned later. My symptoms are lighter than the flu.

Don’t be afraidMany people around me have been infected without complications. Everyone should actively participate in the protests.” The current situation in Georgia is severe. The government began to implement mandatory masks. Since the outbreak, nearly 47,000 people in Georgia have been infected with coronavirus, and more than 380 people have died. 

On the 2nd, Georgian Prime Minister Gahariya also contracted coronavirus and started working remotely. In response, Saakashvili’s opponents said he was prepared to sacrifice the health of the people for his ambitions.

On October 31, Georgia held a new parliamentary election, and the ruling party “Georgian Dream” won. Dissatisfied with the results of the election, thousands of opposition supporters gathered in front of the Georgian Parliament building on the evening of November 1, accusing the government of fraud in the election and demanding a re-election. Saakashvili in Ukraine also called on the Georgian people to launch a “just uprising” through a video. At the same time, the opposition decided to hold a large-scale protest on the 8th.

Russia’s “Viewpoint” reported on the 5th that after the Georgian parliament election, Saakashvili had made a speech stating that even if his party won the parliamentary election, he did not intend to become the new prime minister. In fact, he cannot become Prime Minister of Georgia. He is currently a Ukrainian citizen, and was sentenced in absentia to a total of 9 years in prison for abuse of power and other crimes. 

If he returns home, he will be arrested. Georgian political scientist Sarachenize said that the current era of revolution in Georgia has long passed. If Saakashvili wants to repeat the “rose revolution” that overthrew the government 17 years ago, then he should at least return to his country. It is impossible for him to launch a remote revolution. No one currently wants to return to the Saakashvili era.

An authoritative expert in the field of Georgia’s foreign policy, Cui Chaze, said on the 5th that Georgia has the right to criticize Ukraine. As a Ukrainian official, Saakashvili has been publicly interfering in Georgia’s internal affairs. The Uzbek government should require its citizens to observe discipline and law.