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The American electoral system is the "real loser" in the elections

After Georgia, Pennsylvania also turned blue

by YCPress

The election chart of the “New York Times” shows that as of 22:00 on the 6th Beijing time, Pennsylvania had drawn 6,670,421 votes, with an opening rate of over 95%. Democratic candidate Biden and the current US President Trump won 49.4% of them. And 49.3% of the vote-Biden overtook Trump by 5587 votes.

Four years ago, Trump became the first Republican candidate to win Pennsylvania since 1988 by a narrow margin. In the previous 2020 election in Pennsylvania, Trump once led Biden by 500,000 votes.

But as a large number of absentee votes and mailed votes were counted in the past few days, Biden gradually narrowed the election gap. At present, most of the uncounted votes in the state come from areas that favor Democrats.

Penn State Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar told CNN that “the vast majority” of the remaining votes in the state will be counted before 6th local time.

After Georgia, Pennsylvania also turned blue

According to previous statistics by the New York Times, the electoral votes of Trump and Biden were 214 and 253 respectively. There are still 6 states in the United States that have not produced results, including Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) and Georgia ( 16 photos), North Carolina (15 photos), Nevada (6 photos), Alaska (3 photos), and Arizona (11 photos).

However, mainstream American media such as Fox News and The Associated Press believe that Arizona is already in the Democratic Party’s pocket. Therefore, for Biden, as long as he wins the six electoral votes of Nevada, he can directly declare his victory; for Trump, there is a gap of 56 votes before the election, and every unsuccessful vote Every state is important.

However, just as the world is watching the progress of Nevada, on the evening of the 6th Beijing time, Georgia, with 16 electoral votes, has taken the lead in turning blue.

The New York Times also reported in the latest report that if Pennsylvania can be won, Biden’s votes will exceed the 270 votes required to enter the White House. The “Capitol Hill” emphasized that Trump needs to win both Pennsylvania and Georgia before he can be re-elected.

At present, many US media including the “Politician” News Network claimed that Biden is on the “edge of victory.”

Trump, who saw his own election plot fail, continued to propagate conspiracy theories, promptly tweeting that “(Pennsylvania) Philadelphia has a dark history in election integrity”.

According to people familiar with the matter, Trump has not yet prepared his defeat speech. In conversations with allies in recent days, he also stated that he had no intention of admitting defeat.

In this regard, the Biden campaign team also put aside a harsh statement: The US government is fully capable of “escorting” illegal entrants out of the White House.