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First Lady United States rarely participated in a campaign with Trump

First Lady United States rarely participated in a campaign with Trump

by YCPress

According to the US “Capitol Hill” report, on Thursday, the first lady of the United States Melania Trump rarely appeared at the same time as President Trump at a campaign rally, canvassing votes for her husband in Florida.

According to reports, Melania delivered a long speech in Tampa, Florida, similar to President Trump’s many dissatisfaction with the media and technology companies, and praised the results of the Trump administration during the first term. 

This is Melania’s second appearance in a campaign this week. On Tuesday, she made her solo appearance for Trump’s vote for the first time in a Pennsylvania campaign.

Melania said: “For those who still decide who to vote for on Tuesday, I hope what I have said will prove to you that voting for President Trump is voting for a better America.”

She also said, “Be the media When uploading sources of hate, negative, and fearful news, when large technology companies protect political censorship, we need to remember what is really important.

My husband’s government is concerned with the future.”

The first lady of the United States declared that Trump is a “President of Law and Order” and that the United States is “a country full of hope, not a country full of fear and weakness.”

This remark caused enthusiastic cheers from the audience. Because Trump once ridiculed Biden,

Democratic presidential candidate, as “an overly hug and emotional guy.”

Melania and Trump

It is reported that Melania has always received more popular favorability than her husband during Trump’s first term. But she has not participated in the campaign for several months, even if Trump is behind Biden in the polls.

According to the report, according to recent opinion polls, President Trump lags behind Biden by a small margin in Florida, North Carolina and other key swing states. Part of the reason is because of female voters. And Melania is of great value for the president to win female voters.

A poll released by the National Broadcasting Corporation and Marist on Thursday showed that Biden leads Trump by 4 percentage points in Florida, but leads by 16 percentage points among female voters in the state.

Melania and Trump

A poll released by CNN on Thursday showed that Biden’s approval rate in the United States leads by 12 percentage points, but his lead among female voters has reached a staggering 24 percentage points.

Melania Trump was originally scheduled to attend a campaign rally in Pennsylvania with the president last week, but because she had just recovered from the covid-19 and was still coughing, the plan was cancelled at that time.