Home Business Encountering the oil shortage! fuel shortages could lead to ‘most expensive winter’ for britons
Encountering the oil shortage! fuel shortages could lead to 'most expensive winter' for britons

Encountering the oil shortage! fuel shortages could lead to ‘most expensive winter’ for britons

by YCPress

in order to alleviate the lack of oil truck drivers due to the “oil shortage”, the british government began to send military personnel to fill the gap to help transport fuel. at least dozens of petrol stations remain closed in places such as london, and many people are still unable to get their fuel up, despite the government saying “things are getting better”.

london queue: this is the third gas station i’ve tried. we can’t do anything but wait.

london queues: i’ve passed five petrol stations, all closed, and it looks like they’re completely free of fuel.

about 22 per cent of petrol stations in london and the south-east of england, which are currently the worst hit by fuel shortages, are running out of fuel, according to figures released by the british association of petrol retailers. 200 british military personnel began driving civilian oil vehicles to help transport fuel in these areas on the 4th local time. but mr balmer, head of the petrol retailers association, said petrol stations were expected to take between a week and 10 days to return to normal storage.

fuel shortages could lead to ‘most expensive winter’ for britons

in addition to fuel, gas shortages and soaring prices have also had a huge impact on the daily lives of the british people. it is understood that the uk’s gas reserves are now far lower than those of the rest of europe. soaring gas prices have led to the bankruptcy of several small energy companies in the uk. consumers will also face steep increases in electricity and gas bills. british government officials acknowledge that the fuel shortage could last until the new year.

london resident: i think the increase in heating and electricity bills will make the coming winter the most expensive one i’ve ever had, and i’ve seen the bill increase.

the cement truck, believed to be loaded with fuel, was followed by 20 vehicles

britain is experiencing an “oil shortage” because there is no oil to add, and some drivers are so scorched that they are even out of control. according to british media reports, a truck carrying cement was mistakenly thought to be loaded with fuel and was followed by 20 vehicles.

the truck driver, johnny anderson, pulled more than 40 tonnes of cement from bilston to a construction site in northamptonshire, more than 100 kilometres away. upon arrival, anderson got out of his car and found nearly 20 cars behind him. it turned out that the cars thought he was pulling fuel from his car, and the owner asked him which gas station he was going to take the fuel to.

drivers are so anxious because britain has recently been in a “fuel shortage” and many petrol stations have posted signs outside saying “no oil”. people lined up at gas stations, and even from time to time there were clashes to grab oil.

britain is in an “oil shortage” due to outbreaks and brexit

britain suffered an “oil shortage”, mainly due to a lack of truck drivers carrying oil. after brexit, 14,000 eu drivers working in the uk left the country. coupled with the new outbreak of pneumonia led to the suspension of truck driver training for more than a year, resulting in truck drivers “job shortage”, which led to the fuel crisis. in addition, panic buying has exacerbated fuel shortages.