Home Politics democracy beacon” is becoming a joke all over the world.
democracy beacon" is becoming a joke all over the world.

democracy beacon” is becoming a joke all over the world.

by YCPress

Ironic televised debates, unscrupulous partisanship, fierce and hot voter confrontation… This “marathon” election order disgraced the face of the United States, which is known as the “democracy beacon”, and also gave the world a new understanding of the so-called “American democracy”.

In fact, this kind of sword-drawing scene and the struggle of life-and-death have been staged in the United States for the past four years. From the bipartisan congressional struggle that led to the “stop” of the federal government

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Pelosi, tore up President Trump’s State of the Union Address, to the House Judiciary Committee to pass the “impeachment” presidential resolution… The two parties attacked each other and fought constantly, this election was just another climax.

In this “competition” that is essentially power in the guise of democracy, American politicians only use voters as tools for illusory flattery, and never regard them as masters of the country.

The supremacy of life is the basic consensus of human society. However, those American politicians who shout “human rights” have repeatedly ignored the people’s right to life and health, making the people victims of political struggle.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic this year, those politicians ignored the early warning of the epidemic received at the first time, delayed the best time to prevent and control the epidemic, and repeatedly politicized the epidemic in an attempt to “blame the blame”. When the epidemic eased slightly,

They ignored scientific advice and protective measures, and turned to electoritize political and capital interests. , putting personal and partisan interests above the national interests, resulting in confirmed cases and cumulative deaths in the United States being “the first in the world”, among which economic conditions are poor and ethnic minorities account for a high proportion, and many elderly people and children are unfortunately infected.

The epidemic has hit the economy and employment seriously. The U.S. election was held in this context. The American people expressed different views on whether epidemic prevention and control should be prioritized or the economy and employment first, which is not a problem.

In an Associated Press survey of 133,000 people, 60% of voters who support Biden think the epidemic is the most important issue, while more than half of the voters who support Trump think that the economy and employment are more important, showing a serious tear in public opinion.

Behind this chaos is the increasingly obvious problem of political polarization in the United States. Republicans and Democrats have opposite views on health care reform, immigration policy, welfare reform, etc., and each other’s constraints can be staged at any time, and governance deadlocks occur frequently.

The two parties have changed from ideological polarization to comprehensive confrontation, from rational thinking differences to emotional identity confrontation, opposition only depends on the party, the reason for opposition is only because of “dissent”, and they have to “singed the opposite tune” with each other. There is more and more room for compromise, making the political atmosphere of “demoralization” increasingly strong, and also adding Dramatic the growth of populism.

The growing political polarization of elections is rooted in widespread distrust in American society: voters do not trust the government, the people do not trust the elite, and the opponents do not have a minimum mutual trust…

In such an atmosphere, elections not only fail to bridge the rift in society, but will suddenly amplify the original rift. In this year’s general election, some “rare voters” who don’t care about voting began to vote in order to “want to be part of the solution”, but the result became “part of the aggravating opposition”.

Not long ago, former U.S. President Obama warned that American democracy is “unprecedented threat”. It can be foreseen that no matter how twists and turns the 2020 U.S. election process is, there will be an end day, but the dilemma of “American democracy” and the tearing of American society will not end here.