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Covid-19 broke out again Trump supporters: we were wrong

by YCPress

NYTIMES: recently published an article stating that the number of new coronavirus infections in the United States has increased again. 

American epidemiologists warned that this is the third peak of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States, which is worrying.

President downplays virus threat supporters : we were wrong

Statistics released by Johns Hopkins University on October 30 show that due to the sharp increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the Midwest, the number of new cases per day and the average number of new cases per week set new records in the United States.

The death toll from the Covid-19 also exceeded 230,000.

Since the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia was reported in the United States in January this year, the US President has been trying to downplay the severity of the new coronavirus. Trump’s recommendations are often contrary to those of top health experts in the United States.

He advocates people not to wear masks, repeatedly claims that the virus will “miracle disappear” one day, and urges states to open their economies. The New York Times pointed out that for those Americans whose families were taken away by the virus, the president’s speech “felt insulted.”

For the past few months, Tony Green, a 43-year-old American citizen living in Dallas, Texas, has been a staunch supporter of conspiracy theories. He believes that the new coronavirus is just a scam planned by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

However, after a family gathering of 14 people, he himself contracted the coronavirus and two relatives died of illness. “I thought the new coronavirus did not exist, but reality proved that I was wrong and I should not believe President Trump’s remarks on the virus.”

Tony Green pointed out: “I hope Trump can be more honest and honest in the face of the pandemic. Many of his remarks are irresponsible and the pandemic should not be politicized. I did not take the pandemic seriously, and I regret it very much. “

Marco Reyes, who lives in Florida, believes that if Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hadn’t underestimated the coronavirus, his father would not have died early because of contempt for the pandemic. 

“I think they (Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis) should be held responsible for my father’s death. If the governor hadn’t reopened the economy so early, it’s not that Trump had played down the threat of the virus. My father will not take the virus contemptuously either.”

Trump continues to underestimate the severity of the virus Fauci : the United States will not return to normal until 2022

Despite being infected with coronavirus, Trump continues to organize large gatherings and still underestimates the severity of the new coronavirus pandemic.

Not long ago, Trump said at a campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, “I have experienced (coronavirus), they said I am immune, I feel (I) very strong, I want to kiss everyone in the audience A person.”

It is worth noting that Trump did not wear a mask when he delivered a speech at the rally, and most of the thousands of supporters at the scene did not wear a mask.

Scott Lucas, a professor of international politics at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, believes that Trump is too arbitrary in his treatment of the virus. Trump has never considered how to deal with the pandemic. He just relied on his own experience to judge arbitrarily. Any basis.

Anthony Fauci, a top American infectious disease expert, said that recently, the number of new confirmed cases in the United States has continued to exceed 70,000 in a single day, and winter in the northern hemisphere has not yet arrived, and there will be colder months in the future.

It’s not good, and even worse difficult times are still to come. “I think we should stop politicizing the mask issue. Although the United States may be vaccinated in the next few months, it will not be possible for the United States to return to normal until the end of 2021 or even 2022.”